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Increase Focus & Retention for Meetings with Mindfullness Activities

Veronica Brundle - Aug 3 2021, 4:41:51 PM

Mindfulness is a hot topic these days. Many companies are incorporating wellness activities into their daily schedule to boost employee morale and mental health to create space and mental capacity for full focus during event the most arduous virtual meetings.

Mindfulness activities or small pauses in a longer meeting or workday can go a long way to keeping your team on task when collaborating. By scheduling a group event to engage in activity together, you're reinforcing social bonds and making sure everyone is on the same page. These activities will also make for a memorable meeting, and create a template for future work events. they're increase message saliency and help retain your group's focus throughout the event.


No one can deny that we are currently living through very stressful times.  A recent survey by Total Brain showed that anxiety and depression are on the rise.

More and more people are turning to meditation to quiet their minds. Meditation has many different benefits. Those who practice it have better cognitive skills, often able to maintain focus longer and boost memory and problem-solving skills. They have a better capacity for empathy and compassion. Meditation is also an effective way of managing stress and thus minimizes the chance of burnout. Group meditation can also lead to better collaboration.

The great thing about meditation is that it does not have to take up too much space or time. It can also easily be done in a virtual space. To get everyone on the same page and over the "I hate meditation" hump, try a meditation experience specifically designed for people who hate meditation. It's a tongue in cheek way of getting together to say hey, we know it's hard to start but that's what collective engagement and work is  ultimately for, supporting each other in tasks we might not be able to accomplish otherwise.


Whether working from home or in an office, prolonged hours in an office chair is not kind to the body. Office workers bound to their chairs often put a strain on the body, causing tension and stiffness. This discomfort can cause a reduction in productivity.

Yoga allows people to loosen up and stretch out stiff muscles and can also improve posture. Many people struggle to find time in their day to work out, but people who do are better at facing life’s challenges. Exercise is also a fantastic mood booster.

Yoga also allows people to feel more connected to their bodies, often inspiring them to take better care of themselves. Breath-work also calms the mind and allows people to disconnect from the bustle outside the yoga space, giving them a momentary break. Attendees will feel re-invigorated and better adjusted to take full advantage of your event.

Empathy 101

Empathy training is a big part of mindfulness. When a person focuses on building their emotional intelligence, they become more accepting of others. They listen better and understand people who may have different experiences from their own. Many workplaces see the value this holds. Fostering kindness and understanding will make your team that stronger but will also boost company-client relationships.

Emotional intelligence changes how we engage with the world and the people around us. Being able to walk in someone else’s shoes, so to speak, minimizes disputes among employees. It minimizes aggressive behavior and allows people to easily find solutions and compromises. Whether you are planning for an event, conference, or annual meeting, the inclusion of an Empathy 101 workshop will allow for better interpersonal exchanges.

Team Building Games

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as the saying goes. Team building games are a fun way to let your team have fun while also boosting their communication and problem-solving skills. There are many types of games that can work in a virtual environment and in a physical space. Escape rooms will test your team’s ability to problem-solve under pressure. Immersive murder mysteries are also incredibly popular and make for a memorable experience.

Mindfulness activities at events are increasingly popular, and their inclusion into your event is in line with modern trends. These days it could be the contributor to make a good event a great one. Attendees will remember your event and will be likely to return to the next one. More importantly, they will leave with skills that will apply to navigating daily life. In short, everyone wins!

Originally published at Aug 3 2021, 4:41:51 PM. Updated on Aug 25 2022.

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