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The Value and Benefits of Team Building

Veronica Brundle - Dec 15 2022, 2:30:17 PM

Did you know research suggests that companies with an engaged workforce can generate twice the revenue? One of the best ways to reach this new level of engagement is with team building events and activities. 

These unique experiences are structured to inspire authentic communication and provide your team with opportunities to work together in a fun, interactive setting. If you aren't prioritizing team building in the workplace, you risk creating a low-engagement work environment. And if your team isn't engaged, it can lead to high turnover, low productivity, and burnout. 

It doesn't matter what industry you're in or how big your company is: Your team can benefit from team building. We're here to walk you through the advantages of team building and help you find activities you can start planning today.

Let's dive into some top team building benefits. 

The short answer is yes. In today's digital age, one of the biggest challenges businesses have is finding a way to keep your remote or hybrid team connected. Your employees may spend countless hours talking on the phone, over Zoom calls, or via chat or email about projects, plans, and assignments. 

However, these modes of communication don’t provide the human connection employees need to feel like they're part of something bigger. They no longer get to hang out with coworkers after work, go out to lunch, or chit-chat in the breakroom. While technology has brought us together in new and unimaginable ways, it also has caused an ongoing disconnect.

As a leader or a business owner, it's your job to find new and innovative ways to inspire connections and help your team develop positive workplace relationships. By utilizing the benefits of team building, you can help everyone feel connected and engaged with their coworkers. 

If you want your employees to work together as a team, there needs to be effective communication in the workplace—whether in-person or online. Team building events and exercises encourage authentic communication and bring your team together to connect on non-work related matters. The more they engage with one another, the more connected they'll feel.

Collaboration is an integral part of every thriving workplace. A team that knows how to work together and feels comfortable sharing ideas in a collaborative workplace will improve productivity and positively impact your bottom line. 

If improving collaboration is your goal, consider planning team building experiences like trivia nights, escape rooms, and scavenger hunts. These experiences create a fun, collaborative environment and teach your team to work together.

Burnout is a serious problem in any workplace. If your team members aren't engaged in or feel overwhelmed by their work, they can develop feelings of loneliness and a lack of drive. Team building experiences help combat this by creating a fun, stress-free atmosphere. Many involve positive reinforcement and reward systems, helping your team feel appreciated. Planning monthly or quarterly team building experiences for your employees can help reduce the effects of burnout and promote a positive work-life balance.

A team needs to feel like a team. If your employees come to work and only focus on their meetings and projects, they'll never have an opportunity to build authentic, meaningful relationships with the individuals they work alongside. 

Monthly or quarterly team building experiences improve communication, encourage collaboration, and inspire employees to see themselves as something more.

Over 50% of employees choose to stay at a company because they feel like part of a team. By providing team building experiences, you create opportunities for employees to build positive relationships with their coworkers. If individuals like the people they work with, they will tend to stay with your company and hold off on looking for new opportunities. 

Are you sold on the benefits of team building activities? Now it's time to plan your next event. Here are three of our most popular events for getting team members to know each other on a deeper level. 

Bring your team together for a fun and engaging get-to-know-you game night. The host will guide your team through a series of questions—some may surprise you; some will have you on the floor laughing. Throughout the experience, your team will have an opportunity to bond and connect virtually with their coworkers. 

Get To Know Ya Game Night can host up to 20 guests for $450 per group.  Click here to learn more. 

A personal twist on a classic game night: Instead of random trivia questions, the questions are all about your team members. Throughout the event, your team will learn more about their colleagues, share a few laughs, and build a stronger foundation with their coworkers.

Get to Know Your Team Trivia can accomidate up to 30 guests for $800 per group.  Click  here to learn more. 

When was the last time you reflected on your goals, aspirations, and inspirations? Have you considered how you can reach those goals in the workplace? With our vision board workshop, your team will be given insightful journaling prompts and have an opportunity to visualize their thoughts through insightful arts and crafts sessions. Everyone will create a personal, intention-based vision board full of fun ideas, passions, and personal reflections. 

Vision Board Workshop can accomidate up to 1,000 guests for $40 per person.  Click here to learn more. 

Chief among the advantages of team building activities is building a team that remains cohesive and effective regardless of where your employees work. However, you may find it challenging to plan and organize beneficial team building experiences by yourself.

That’s where Elevent comes in. 

At Elevent, we handle all the logistics of planning worthwhile experiences for you. All you need to do is pick the perfect virtual event, send out a calendar invite, and enjoy connecting with your team members. We'll handle everything else! Whether you’re looking for an icebreaker to onboard new team members, a social event to help your employees relax and unwind, or a unique reward for exceptional performance, Elevent has you covered.
Contact us today if you’re ready to experience the benefits of team building events. 

Originally published at Dec 15 2022, 2:30:17 PM. Updated on Apr 4 2023.

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