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Elevent Update - September 2022

Jon Conelias - Sep 27 2022, 6:41:47 PM

At Elevent we are constantly striving to figure out how to make our events better and making the planning easier.  I am happy to announce some platform additions that will improve the experience and make event planning simpler.

Plan with multiple people

Planning an event isn’t always a single person’s job so we add the ability for multiple individuals to be able to plan the same event.  Once you have completed your booking you can add these individuals right to your event and they can take all the same actions that you can.


Speak directly to the host of your event

Who's better to talk to about your event than the person hosting it the day of?  We agreed, so we enabled being able to message directly in the portal with the host that is running your event.  You can add guests, customize your event or just ask questions. 


Invites on guest’s calendars

We revamped our invitations so all event guests get a calendar invite automatically by using our invitations.  Gone are the days of having to make an invite yourself. 


Plan multiple events with us and get benefits

If you are booking multiple events, let’s work together to give you additional benefits.  We have a few solutions depending on your situation which include custom landing pages, event approval workflows, and bulk purchasing discounts.   



Let us help figure out who is going (RSVPs)

Figuring out who is going and who can't go is a challenge.  So is collecting dietary restritions or guest preferences.  With our new RSVP feature, we can help determine who is going and collect the right information, including their address.  


These are just a few of the improvements we have made over the summer months.  If you need help planning an event we are happy to help with over 1,000 virtual and in person events we can find the perfect event for your team.  We would be happy to help. 



Originally published at Sep 27 2022, 6:41:47 PM. Updated on Oct 5 2022.

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