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10 Top Rated Escape Rooms

Veronica Brundle - Jul 6 2022, 8:03:00 AM

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An escape room is great for any team to put their knowledge and critical thinking to the test. From prison breaks to mining missions, there is an escape room for everyone and every group. Escape rooms are great for team building as teams learn to communicate and work together to solve challenges. Different team members will need to lead and follow at different times and all need to communicate effectively while creating opportunities to learn.

 For the past year and a half, at Elevent, we have hosted over 2,000 virtual escape rooms events with over 20,000 participants so we wanted to take a moment and recognize the highest-rated escape games on our platform that delighted our guests. These escapes are all fully moderated while some are in a physical location but hosted virtually whereas others are hosted online and it is a digital escape.  

1) Seven Dwarves: Mining Mission

The theme as you can see from the title is a variation on the Snow White and seven dwarves story. As a group, you will need to help snow white and the seven dwarves solve the challenges as evil is rising once again. This is currently the highest-rated escape room on the Elevent platform and can support 4 to 8 participants. The escape lasts one hour.  This escape is rated 5 out of 5 stars!

2) Sherlock Holmes: The Grand Debut Virtual Escape Game

We all love Sherlock Holmes and this escape isn’t any different. There has been a murder, the year is 1921 and you are an 18-year-old Sherlock Holmes on your first investigation. You have to search Chapel Gate Manor for clues and solve the puzzle. This escape supports 20 to 1,000 participants and lasts an hour and 30 minutes. This escape is rated 5 out of 5 stars!

3) Puzzled to Death

On teams, you’ll tackle up to 10 mini-games that are inspired by classic games—but with humorous twists. The owner of a local board-game store has been murdered and the killer has hidden clues around the store. This escape game is inspired by author A.J. Jacobs (The Year of Living Biblically, Thanks a Thousand).  This escape room lasts one hour and fifteen minutes and can support up to 600 guests. This escape is rated 5 out of 5 stars!

4) Ruins: Forbidden Treasure

Have you ever been stranded in a jungle at the foot of an ancient and mysterious temple ruins? This escape is an adventure to find the massive fabled treasure that is somewhere in the ruins. This escape lasts an hour and can support four to eight players. This escape is rated 5 out of 5 stars!

5) Ghosts of Craven Manor

I hope you like ghosts. This escape takes place in a residence in Craven Manor which has scared locals and made things disappear. You have been hired as an exorcist and your job is to vanquish the ghosts and set the town free from their ghostly actions. This escape blends traditional escape room puzzling with interactive narrative adventure. You will need to collaborate with your team, interact with characters and solve puzzles before time runs out. This escape lasts one hour and can support 2 to 70 participants. It is currently rated 5 out of 5 stars!

6) The Depths: Uncover the Lab’s Secrets

Have you ever been to an undersea laboratory that does strange and troubling experiments? Get ready for this escape as you will be led by Dr. Leah as you embark into the depths of the ocean to investigate what is really happening. You and your group will need to find clues, keep track of items and escape the room. This game can support 4 to 16 participants and lasts an hour. It is currently rated 5 out of 5 stars!

7) Destination Unknown

If you like secret missions filled with puzzles then this is the escape for you and your group. Participants will draw on the screen to solve interactive puzzles while collaborating out loud. It is a competition to see which group can solve the puzzles the fastest through this fully moderated experience. This escape can support 10 to 600 participants and lasts one hour. It is currently rated 4.9 stars out of 5!

8) Live Action Escape Game

 This host is located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and is unlike any other escape room. Inspired by a video game it is a fusion of escape room, video game, and live theatrical performance. Participants help the game hero in real-time in a real location and guide him via zoom. The host (avatar) is controlled by your voice commands as you find artifacts and solve puzzles to complete the game. This escape lasts an hour and 30 minutes and can support 4 to 30 participants. It is currently rated 4.9 out of 5 stars!

9) Cure for the Common Zombie

 It has been months since a nuclear accident created a mutated strain of the common cold, unleashing an undead epidemic that spread like wildfire. You need to direct the proxy in the escape room to solve the clues in order to escape the zombies. Each game takes 1 hour and can support 4 to 8 participants. It is currently rated 4.9 out of 5 stars!

10) Mission: Hack Attack

 The Hack Attack mission brings you together to connect, play, and laugh your way through an adventure. The dangerous organized gang of hackers is attacking and trying to get your confidential information. The mission is to solve the challenges and thwart the attempt by the hackers to save the day! Each game lasts one hour and fifteen minutes and can support 6 to 400 participants. It is currently rated 4.9 out of 5 stars!

 These are just a few of the virtual escape rooms we offer that work great for remote team building. If you want to discover more ideas or don’t think any of these escape rooms will work for your group, you can search through our full list of virtual experiences.

Remember, when you use Elevent, you never have to worry about the planning or preperation. We provide hassle-free virtual experiences that are designed to provide your remote team with a hands-on, fun experience to enjoy with their colleagues.

We hope this list of top rated escape rooms helps you find the virtual experience that’s right for you and your company.


Originally published at Jul 6 2022, 8:03:00 AM. Updated on Aug 24 2022.

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