A Little Slice Of Italy Cooking Class | San Francisco

2 hour in-person event

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In this class we will be combining flour, water, and yeast to make a delicious pizza dough and topping it with a mix of four cheeses that will bake and come together in the oven to create a mouthwatering flavor. Served with a complimenting seasonal salad!


$1,000 / group

In-person event

Your guests will need to travel to the host's location to attend the event.
See Location details below for more information.

Group size

This event supports 2 - 8 participants.

Event duration

2 hours

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How it works

This class is for up to 8 participants, you may add people for an additional fee with a maximum capacity of 15 guests. The class is 2 hours total, 1 1/2 hours for cooking and the last 30 minutes for enjoying your culinary creations with your fellow chefs. This class also includes a signature non-alcoholic drink made by you and your party guest.

Things you'll need

Each guest will need to supply the items below to participate fully in this event.

We provide everything so you'll just have to bring an open mind and an empty stomach!

Location details

Your guests will need to travel to the host's location to attend the event.

Street parking is limited. Public transportation or ride-share is encouraged.

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At 4ft and Up Kitchen we love the effect cooking food together has on a community. It brings families and friends closer and helps pass down culinary traditions for generations. Our adult and young chef cooking classes not only teach you how to cook but also where your food comes from, how to prepare it in different and interesting ways, and what nutrients it gives to your body. We want to help people of all ages develop a healthy relationship with food and food culture one dish at a time.