A Taste of Naples and Amalfi

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Escape from your home and discover history and culture of Naples and Amalfi

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Let's start dreaming together in this virtual online tour where we would like to share our knowledge with you. As archaeologists, tour guides and trip lovers we would like to virtually guide you in Naples and Amalfi coast. As members of Slow Food movement we'll show you some of the most iconic authentic food and drinks virtually as you learn about a new world of coffee, pizza, pasta and limoncello!

This is a Live Virtual Tour using live video conferencing software & using digital resources (maps, photos and videos). During the tour we will start off with an ice breaker to get to know each other, dive into the stunning history of Naples and visit the main castle and other historic sites. We will focus on the rich food and culinary heritage of Napoli and Amalfi coast. We conclude with time for a Q&A in case guests have any other questions and take a short quiz on Italian culture.

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My name is Roberto. I'm one of the founder of Apollo guide a small team of archaeologist and art historian! I am an archaeologist and an authorized guide of Italy. Since I was a child I loved history. I have worked as an archaeologist all over the Mediterranean sea and nowadays I lead people to discover the ancient history and beauty of Pompeii, the famous site buried by the eruption of the Vesuvius in 79 AD. Since 2020 I created this Online Experience of Pompeii that is featured on Vogue, Travel+ Lesure, Vanity Fair, BuzzFeed and more! I'm honored to have hosted more than 5000+ guests and companies from all over the world to Pompeii with my online and in person experiences. Yana, Giada and Luca are my co-hosts in this online experience that we are delivering in English, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese.