Black History in Argentina

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Meet Julia, a Jewish Afro-Argentine performance artist that walks you through the amazing history, struggles and culture of the Afro-Argentine community. On this tour, you’ll learn about the tragic slave-trading diaspora that led Africans into South America; about their lives in colonial times and their part in Argentina’s struggle for independence.

You will also learn about their organization and cultural heritage, from tango to the “quilombos.” You’ll learn about Argentina’s complicated history -and reckoning- with race, and about the activism that is challenging the myth of a white Argentina. On this tour, we’ll explore the colonial area of San Telmo, where you’ll see the old houses where enslaved Africans worked in colonial times and the places where slave-trading happened. You will also see a “conventillo” -the place where free Afro-Argentines lived side by side with Native Americans and Europeans- and the places where Afro-Argentine culture continues to live and thrive today.

Reversing Afro-Argentine oppression with research and education This is the first tour ever created about Afro-Argentine history, designed as a way to start repairing centuries of systematic invisibilization. The investigation on going and open-source for all members of the community to access. With this tour, you help onboard Afro-Argentines onto the tourism industry.

**For every private tour booked we sponsor a local public school in Buenos Aires****

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