Black History in Bahia: A Virtual Walking Tour in Pelourinho

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Salvador in Bahia is considered the most African City and Pelourinho is the heart of our Black History. We will virtually walk in the Old Town, Pelourinho area, talk about and experience the afro-heritage in Bahia, you will also have the chance to hear music and meet locals. Starting in front of Sao Francisco Chuch - the most famous "gold" church in Brazil - you will see the first Black Association in Brazil - Sociedade Protetora dos Desvalidos/ SPD (1832). This Institution was fundamental for the survival of many blacks in the post-abolition period. Here we will talk about our first Black History Hero: Manoel Querino Walking in the Streets of Salvador let's go towards the Escola do Olodum (School of Olodum) and check the history of the music of Bahia, the Samba Reggae of Mestre Neguinho do Samba Along the walk you will see the most important afro Brazilian heritage traditions food (Acaraje), religion (Candomble) and local artists.

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As you are in the city with the tour guide, you will meet some local artist of local black businessman in Salvador! We will finish the tour in Pelourinho Square, the most important area in the Old Town, where in the past we had a whipping post and enslaved Africans were sold but today is very famous for being the place to celebrate Afro Brazilian Culture. For an even more in-depth experience I suggest to adding"roda de conversa" - A quick talk with a leader of the Sociedade Protetora dos Desvalidos - SPD or entrepreneur. for more information please inquire.

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