BYO Paper Origami Workshop

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This relaxing workshop will virtually guide your team on how to fold unique origami designs. Everything you need can be found in your house!

Virtual event

This host will provide a zoom video conference.

Group size

This event supports 12 - 500 participants.

Group participation level

Medium - Guests will be sent a kit or prompted to participate in this event.

Event duration

1 hour

Full details

How it works

In this class, participants will enjoy live demos, learn origami basics, and folding techniques to create origami designs.

This class typically covers an introduction to the history and background of origami in Japan. As well as enough folding time to create two to three origami designs and Q&A and discussion in between designs.

This host supports the following options:

  • Breakout rooms
  • Pre-assigned teams

Things you'll need

Each guest will need to supply the items below to participate fully in this event.

Before the class, we'll provide you with a shopping list of everything you need. To have origami supplies delivered right to your team's door, check out our shipped kit option.

  • Scissors- if you want to make your own squares.
  • 2 Markers
  • 8 Squares of Origami Paper


  • 4 sheets of paper cut to 6" x 6" or larger, can be substituted with wrapping paper or magazine pages.
  • Clean Desk Space
  • Zoom Access

How to join

This event is delivered using the video platform: Zoom

The host is not able to use a video link provided by you.

Other things you will need to join:

  • Link to this event, provided after purchase
  • Internet connected device, tablets and phones are supported
  • Internet connection
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