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Create a Sustainable Terrarium Ecosystem

1 hour 30 minute virtual event

Event short description

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Anyone with a curiosity for plants will appreciate this fascinating deep dive into how to make terrariums. Even beginners will find success with the careful guidance of their teacher.


$79 / person

Virtual event

Your host will provide a video conference link prior to the event.

Group size

This event supports 8 - 300 participants.

Event duration

1 hour 30 minutes

Kit included

A kit to accompany the event will be delivered prior to the event date.

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$79 / person

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How it works

Are you ready to meet a fun online botanical activity? You will create your own land in a jar! You will make the most original designs as creatively as possible in a limited space. This experience is for every age who loves nature and learns about terrariums. I love to meet people and talk about nature. A Terrarium simply is a self-sustainable ecosystem. We will talk about the carbon, oxygen, and water cycle, which is very important scientifically for life. We will have many design materials that you can freely make your own combination. Every terrarium has different life paths. I improved a scientific plan for using the right elements for a long-life terrarium. It means that you will create a unique, isolated, and long-life terrarium. The right combination of terrariums can live for a long time. Think free, design free, and Love Nature !!

Kit contents & instructions

Terrarium bottle

Tropical plants

Soil (lava rocks, and sand)

Terrarium moss

Activated carbon

Rocks (gravel and pebbles)

Burlap Scissors

Wooden sticks




How to join

After you book you will receive an email with a meeting link that you can share with your team

The host is not able to use a video link provided by you.

Other things you will need to join:

  • Link to this event, provided after purchase
  • Internet connected device, tablets and phones are supported
  • Internet connection
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Your host Terrarium Love

We are two brothers who love science and art. My name is Nur, I am an artist and a creative thinker. We do combine art, technology, and science. We believe this will help us understanding our world and our home, Earth. We both love to travel and explore the nature.

Abdul is my brother who is a science teacher. He is very energetic and curious. Learning a new culture and making new friends is his motivation. Terrarium making is the point where art and science intersect.

Terrarium is not just planting, but it has changed the world forever. We tell the story of how terrarium shapes our past, present, and future.