Creative Building Collaboration: Spacecraft I Austin

2 hour in-person event

Event short description

Your team is a ragtag group of space explorers that investigates interplanetary dilemmas. You have found a planet that is losing its gravitational pull, and if nothing is done, everything and everyone will float away. Your team is tasked with restoring the planet’s gravity. Normally, this would be an easy task for your space team, but the effect of anti-gravity has similarly affected your ship and it has been rendered useless. Your team's only choice is to build a new SPACECRAFT!

In-person event

The host will travel to your location for this event.
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Group size

This event supports 30 - 200 participants.

Group participation level

High - Guests will be asked to perform tasks, respond to, or engage with the group.

Event duration

2 hours

Included with purchase

  1. Custom invitation and calendar invites
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  4. Messaging with host

For this event, you'll need

  1. To provide the venue/office for this event
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Full details

How it works

Your teams will need to build a new SPACECRAFT from scratch using any available materials. Keys to Victory: The team that recovers the most planetary gravitational pull, AND has most components used in the final spacecraft is the winner. This event promotes critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, strategic thinking, problem-solving and the resulting final spacecraft will be displayed in the office headquarters!

Each space kit will include routing prompts, duct tape; scissors, notebook, glue, pencil, blueprints, a map of the cosmos, navigation tools, space themed periodical and a space themed mixtape​ to keep your team engaged during their build!

Includes: Hosts, Actors / Facilitators and Materials

The client who purchases the event is responsible for supplying a private indoor venue.

Things you'll need

Each guest will need to supply the items below to participate fully in this event.

Comfortable clothing

Comfortable shoes

Location details

The host will travel to your location for this event. Your host will be in contact with you after booking the event to coordinate details.

The client is responsible for providing the venue address and parking information for the host. Location must be within the Austin, TX area.