Delicious Cacio e Pepe

1 hour virtual event

Event short description

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This dish is probably the most known traditional pasta from the Cucina Romana. This creamy, cheesy delicious recipe is sometimes called Italian Mac n’ Cheese. In this class we teach you all the steps and secrets of how to make this recipe like a Roman chef-authentic!

Virtual event

This host typically use zoom, but we can integrate with other systems.

Group size

This event supports 10 - 500 participants.

Group participation level

Medium - Guests will be sent a kit or prompted to participate in this event.

Languages supported

English, Spanish, German, and Italian

Event duration

1 hour

Kit included

A kit to accompany the event will be delivered to each guest prior to the event date.

Full details

How it works

In this class you'll cook your dried pasta, the correct Italian way and form the complete dish by combining the cheese sauce that we make together from scratch, the pasta, and roasted black pepper. We're focusing on the techniques you need to perfect this dish!

Kit contents

Each guest of the event will receive these items in a shipment to their address.

  • Bucatini
  • Pecorino Romano
  • Black Pepper
Supported dietary restrictions:
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Nut-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free

Shipping & delivery

This event includes a shipment to each guest's address. You'll have to provide addresses 14 days prior to the event to allow for shipping and delivery.

Shipping policy or exclusions

Ships to all US states except Hawaii and Alaska. Can ship up to 5 kits to Canada per event

International shipping is not available for this event
Expedited shipping is not available for this event

Things you'll need

Each guest will need to supply the items below to participate fully in this event.

  • Bowl
  • Grater
  • Medium Pot
  • Small pan
  • Tongs
  • Ladle

How to join

This event is delivered using the video platform: Zoom

Prefer to use your own platform? This host supports the following options:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Cisco Webex
  • Microsoft Teams

Other things you will need to join:

  • Link to this event, provided after purchase
  • Internet connected device, tablets and phones are supported
  • Internet connection
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