Discover Delhi: interactive street art tour

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Delve into subjective interpretations of breath-taking street art.


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Let us take you to our colorful neighborhood, a hidden gem in the cosmopolitan city of Delhi. This visually rich treat will make you experience how colors arouse ideas, change emotions & influence our souls.

⚡ Here's what we do in 3 parts⚡ (BONUS: In first 5 minutes before the start time: see 100 best portraits of India's people & culture)

✨ 1st: Part A virtual e-walk around the lanes & murals discussing what we see & what the artists see in these murals, and of course, my stories & experiences of how I discovered these artworks. Murals include a secret passage, a wall of life & death, an Indian flea market, a feminist wall & many more

✨ 2nd Part Graffiti: scene in Delhi – insider access into an abandoned factory where the walls have so much to narrate. Get creative and decode them with us

✨ 3rd Part: An optional show and tell session, where we get into each other's screen, 's to share a piece of artwork that's around us - a photograph, a painting, a postcard, or just about anything that is 'art' to you!

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