Downtown Austin Scavenger Hunt | Austin

2 hour in-person event

Event short description

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Prepare your team for an interactive and challenging scavenger hunt that will take them on a journey that explores Downtown Austin in a fun, safe, unique, and engaging way! Looking to beat employee burnout and build company culture? Then get out of the office and get your Strayboots on!

In-person event

Your guests will need to travel to the host's location to attend the event.
See Location details below for more information.

Book now - adjust headcount later

Headcount can be adjusted up to 2 days before the event.

Group size

This event supports 10 - 1000 participants.

Event duration

2 hours

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How it works

The team-building interactive activity will be enjoyable for all. The teams will work together while competing (in a friendly way) against other teams and the clock. Our interactive adventures are designed to help your teams work together to improve collaboration, communication, creativity, and problem-solving. After a kick-off intro by our professional event host, your group will split into teams of 5-10 people. Each team will activate their scavenger hunt on their mobile devices, and explore the area, in a series of approximately 30 fun challenges, solving clever riddles, taking group photos, finding new places, and learning more about the unique area and their colleagues. For each challenge they complete, they'll earn points and receive interesting facts about the location and the company. The team with the most points at the end wins and gets the glory and prizes!

Things you'll need

Each guest will need to supply the items below to participate fully in this event.

You will meet your event host at Capitol Grounds, Congress Ave & E 11th Street on the day and time of your event. 

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Charged phones
  • A lot of energy and good vibes

Location details

Your guests will need to travel to the host's location to attend the event.

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Strayboots is a leading provider of digital team building scavenger hunts, virtual team building games, and corporate events. With a specialized team of planners, innovators, and explorers, we carefully curate experiences for groups like yours. The best part? We will do all of the heavy liftings -- you just focus on the fun. Plain and simple. With 11 years of experience, over 2,000 events, and more than 300,000 happy customers under our belt, we are confident that we can provide the perfect event with you in mind.