Feisty Women of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Discover the secrets of the women inside an infamous museum

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This tour puts the fun back into art! It will show you the artworks that other tours won’t—complete with the sexy, intriguing, and scandalous backstories that cast the history of art in an entirely new light. After all, you’re an adult now—so it’s time they let you in on the secrets! This is your chance to learn about new and familiar works and periods of art history in a whole new light.

During this tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art historian Professor Andrew Lear will introduce you to the strong, outspoken women of history whose portraits hang in the museum. You will visit a number of different sections of the museum on the tour, including Egypt, Greek and Roman, modern painting, and 19th and early 20th-century European paintings. You will receive a general orientation in this vast and fascinating museum while gleaning a different perspective of art and an underrepresented side of history. Learn about the true revolutionaries of the past - the progressive women of their time.

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