Italian Dinner with Tiramisu Finale | NYC

3 hour in-person event

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Everyone loves to eat Italian food, but learning how to cook it from scratch is just as much fun! You’ll leave full to bursting with great memories and the skills to make your favorite meals at home whenever you’d like - use your new powers wisely!


$100 / person

In-person event

This is an in-person event. See event description below for details.

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This event supports 8 - 80 participants.

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3 hours

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$100 / person

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In this fun-filled Selfup cooking class in beautiful New York City, you’ll make a multicourse meal featuring Italian favorites like:

Traditional Italian salad, served in a crispy, salty Parmesan cheese basket

Hand-shaped bulbs of fresh, chewy mozzarella cheese, stretched to perfection

Homemade pasta - including favorites like ravioli, tortellini, and fettuccine - all with delicious fillings and sauces so everyone is sure to make something they’ll love

Authentic creamy mushroom chicken marsala

You'll create a delectable tiramisu (the real star of the show!) as you layer delicate ladyfinger cookies soaked in dark espresso with a sweet and creamy mascarpone cheese mixture.