LGBTQ+ History Walking Tour of Greenwich Village | NYC

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On this tour, we explore the heart of the West Village, where the gay liberation movement took off, with the Stonewall riots in 1969 and the first Gay Pride parade a year later. But the Village’s gay history goes back a century before that, to the time of Walt Whitman. Since that time, like Paris’ Left Bank, the Village has been the center of all of the city’s many countercultures and artistic movements, from the creators of Off Broadway to the Beats and the Factory—and of course the gay liberation movement. During this tour, we see the places where Villagers have lived and loved, including the sites of the drag shows and gay bars which have dotted the Village for 150 years—and of course the Stonewall Inn, where our tour starts and ends. The list of LGBT greats we discover reads like a history of American culture, from Herman Melville to Eleanor Roosevelt to James Baldwin to Harvey Fierstein.


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English, French, and Italian

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1 hour

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Please meet the group 15 minutes before start time in front of the Stonewall Inn

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Oscar Wilde Tours has existed since 2013. It was the first and remains the only tour company focused on LGBTQ+ history and culture. Pre-pandemic it offered tours of US art museums and multi-day tours in Europe. Its tours have been widely praised in media such as The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, NPR's Studio 360, NBC4, Out Magazine, and more. This year it has pivoted to offering virtual presentations. We have a series of public presentations on Sunday, called "Zooming Through Queer Culture," with many different speakers, and we offer presentations also to private groups, in particular ERGs/BRGs. We have done events for many top companies, including DB, HBSC, JPMC, Amex, Google, Dropbox, Snapchat, and eBay.