Murder Mystery Comedy Magic Show

50 minute virtual event

Event short description

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There's been a murder... and someone on your team is the killer! By participating in fun demonstrations of magic and mind-reading, your team will solve the mystery. Imagine a game of Clue, but with magic... and lots of jokes!

Virtual event

This host typically use zoom, but we can integrate with other systems.

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Group size

This event supports 6 - 500 participants.

Group participation level

Medium - Guests will be sent a kit or prompted to participate in this event.

Event duration

50 minutes

Full details

How it works

Guests will magically uncover the details about the case — including the time of death, motive, and method — leading up to the final reveal of the criminal mastermind behind it all.

During the show, guests will:

  • Be amazed as people in your group magically decipher important clues
  • Cheer as a teammate demonstrates impossible psychic abilities
  • Drop their jaws as the "victim's" shocking final message is revealed
  • And much more!

This is a fun virtual magic show hosted by an experienced, award-winning magician. There are no puzzles to solve or challenges to overcome. The teammates who participate will be the stars of the show in fun ways that don't embarrass anyone or make them go too far outside their comfort zone. We need at least 6 participants to conduct the investigation, but there is no maximum.

Things you'll need

Each guest will need to supply the items below to participate fully in this event.

  • Laptop/Desktop/Smartphone
  • Access to Video Conference Platform

How to join

This event is delivered using the video platform: Zoom

Prefer to use your own platform? This host supports the following options:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet
  • Zoom
  • Cisco Webex
  • GoToMeeting
  • Blue Jeans

Other things you will need to join:

  • Link to this event, provided after purchase
  • Internet connected device, tablets and phones are supported
  • Internet connection
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Your host David Martinez magic

David Martinez is one of the busiest working magicians in the San Francisco Bay Area, performing hundreds of in-person and virtual shows for private parties, company events, and wherever people like to be astonished and have fun! Past audiences have included teams at Google, Lyft, Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Snap, and many more.

He has won awards for his close-up and parlor magic, and serves as president of the Silicon Valley chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), the world's largest organization dedicated to the art of magic.