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Portal Bots is a brand new entertainment experience where players race and battle REAL ROBOTS from their personal computers in real-time! While the robots are based in Winnipeg, players can experience the arena and access these Portal Bots across North America and beyond, making it an inclusive opportunity for distributed teams to connect like never before! This ground-breaking and exciting experience will enhance your company culture in new and strategic ways with team-building exercises, laser tag battles, races, and more.

Virtual event

This host will provide a zoom video conference.

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Headcount can be adjusted up to 7 days before the event.

Group size

This event supports 6 - 18 participants.

Group participation level

High - Guests will be asked to perform tasks, respond to, or engage with the group.

Event duration

1 hour

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How it works

Portal Bots’ immersive technology beams a first-person view of our challenging circuit right to your computer screen. Your keyboard and mouse become the controller as you battle or race your friends; or team up for cooperative challenges. Perfect for your next event. Players swap in and out of our six bots in real-time, and we livestream the action to those awaiting their turn. Zoom is used for voice chat, allowing positive encouragement/smack-talk!

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Things you'll need

Each guest will need to supply the items below to participate fully in this event.

  • Each player will need their own computer (PC or Mac) and a fiber internet connection
  • Download the Parsec application (, and create a free account (Remember your credentials!)
  • Please make sure your system and internet meet the minimum requirements (
  • A mouse and headset are recommended for the best experience

How to join

This event is delivered using the video platform: Zoom

The host is not able to use a video link provided by you.

Other things you will need to join:

  • Link to this event, provided after purchase
  • Internet connected device, tablets and phones are supported
  • Internet connection
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Your host Portal Bots

Chris Hall loves to entertain people, and he loves gaming. He thinks tech is cool and he wanted to start a business that would be completely different. As the founder of Manitoba’s first VR entertainment company (and Canada’s third), he hit the mark. Chris’ first company, Portal VR, was an instant hit in Winnipeg, with about 20 virtual reality games to choose from. Customers could battle zombies, train to be a space pirate or design their dream vacation. This wasn’t just gaming, this was full-on immersion! But in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit it became obvious that a business model where customers use headsets that go right on their faces was going to have a serious downside. The business closed, and while Chris was home running Daddy Daycare, he spent some time deciding what would be next.

In his research, Chris discovered a fully programmable robot with omnidirectional movement and multiple battle modes. It’s a highly versatile, maneuverable robot that makes playing fun, challenging and exciting. Pair them up with a system that enables them to operate remotely at fast speeds and with low reaction times and you’ve got something amazing. So Portal VR was renamed Portal Bots and robot wars suddenly got real!