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Rise of the Mad Pharaoh | Seattle

1 hour in-person event

Event short description

Hosted by hourglass escapes


Become the archaeologist your inner-child has always dreamed of with our Egyptian escape room in Seattle. With just your wits, clues from crates of artifacts, and notes from the trapped archaeologist, you must solve puzzles, discover mysteries, and help free Dr. Carter from his certain grave. You have 60 minutes to save Dr. Carter! Hurry, time is running out!


$34 $30.60 / person

In-person event

This is an in-person event. See event description below for details.

Group size

This event supports 5 - 12 participants.

Event duration

1 hour

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$34 $30.60 / person

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How it works

Your group will arrive and be met by the Curator of the Seattle Archaeological Antiquities division. Each team member will be given a role and helpful information which will aid you in your quest. Join us for this exciting Egyptian-themed escape room at our Seattle location! We have the best themed escape rooms on the west coast, hosting birthday parties, corporate events, and more.

Things you'll need

Arrive with your team a few minutes before your scheduled start time and be ready to begin your adventure!

Your host hourglass escapes

Mutli-award winning Hourglass Escapes is a benchmark in Seattle, hosting themed escape room games and other family-friendly activities. Each game is a complete story requiring team members to use their wits and clues found in the room to solve all challenges in 60 minutes or less and complete the story. If you’re looking for escape room games and other family-friendly activities in Seattle, book your next party or family event by giving us a call today!