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1 hour in-person event

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This is not your typical painting class! We supply everything needed to replicate a classic design. Learn to create hand drawn and painted tattoo designs, in a class for all levels. This class is for everyone, from the tattoo appreciator, to the tattoo collector, and for anyone wanting to learn traditional illustration techniques. It is a great way for everyone to get together, and learn something unique. This is not a digital class, it is hands on, immersive classic illustration. Put the tablet away, and get back to the more classic method!


$450 + $50 / person

In-person event

This is an in-person event. See event description below for details.

Group size

This event supports 10 - 50 participants.

Event duration

1 hour

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$450 + $50 / person

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How it works

For this event, our tattoo art team will travel will all the necessary supplies to your office or event location. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and will travel within and around the Bay Area.

Each attendee will receive a kit composed of professional quality materials used in traditional illustration and design. The class starts with an introduction to the materials and guidance on station set up. Walking attendees through each step, the instructor ensures participants feel confident using the materials to draw and ink their chosen design. From there, the class will trace and then ink their chosen design. Each participant will leave with a beautiful handprinted masterpiece.

For a successful event, we'll need a well lit space and enough room for each participant to comfortably move their arms without bumping. There also needs to be a space for the instructor and parking availability for loading and unloading. We will be on location one hour early to set up, and will need someone to assist in set up and clean up. We will bring all the materials, but please have access to somewhere we can fill up and dump the water glasses. We will also need a trash can for clean up.

Kit contents & instructions

1 Full Color Reference Photo of your chosen design

1 Practice Design Sheet (for trying out the materials)

1 Practice Sheet

1 Final Design Sheet

1 Round Long Handle Watercolor Brush

1/4oz Jar Permanent Acrylic Ink (3 - 4 colors dependent on chosen design)

Waterproof Sakura Micron(s)

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An Illustrator specializing in traditional and digital techniques, Mario has been teaching illustration with emphasis on tattoo design at the Academy of Art University since 2016. For over 20 years, Mario has been a professional tattoo artist and is the owner of Moth & Dagger Tattoo Studio in San Francisco, California. In addition to tattooing, designing, and teaching, Mario is the Art Director for the Nighttime Show produced and hosted by actor and comedian, Stephen Kramer Glickman.