The Perfect Crime | NYC

1 hour in-person event

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Hosted by Escape Room Madness

Detective Robert Wolfe has finally solved his most recent murder case. He calls your team in to discuss what he has found, but when you arrive at his office, he’s not there. Can you solve what seems to be the perfect crime, or will you, yourselves, become the next victims?​


$44 / person

In-person event

This is an in-person event. See event description below for details.

Group size

This event supports 4 - 12 participants.

Event duration

1 hour

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$44 / person

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How it works

An Escape Room is a real-life escape game in which you and your team have an hour to solve puzzles, find clues and unravel mysteries to escape the room. There is no minimum player count, but you must purchase a minimum of 4 spots to reserve a game. To accommodate groups larger than 12 players, we will need to reserve additional rooms, please inquire and we will let you know what's available for simultaneous play.

Things you'll need

Wear comfortable cloth and shoes and show up 15 minutes prior to the game time.