Virtual Scavenger Hunt Game Show

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Event short description

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Part Scavenger Hunt, part game show, all fun! During this hour-long experience, participants will compete in a series of virtual challenges, with clues and a few surprises along the way.

Virtual event

This host will provide a zoom video conference.

Book now - adjust headcount later

Headcount can be adjusted up to 1 days before the event.

Group size

This event supports 16 - 200 participants.

Group participation level

High - Guests will be asked to perform tasks, respond to, or engage with the group.

Event duration

1 hour

Full details

How it works

At the start of the event, the participants can all join the game room via Zoom. Once in the room, they will be greeted by an amazing ​cityHUNT Host​ who will get the party started and explain the rules of the game.

Our game is a two-screen or window experience using Zoom and our app or web portal. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible by submitting answers via the cityHUNT Mobile App​ ​or web portal if your group prefers simpler tech​. Round One​ is the Game Show portion, which warms up the players with some really fun survey-style questions that will get them laughing, smiling, and getting used to using our technology. Then, round two​ is the Blind Contour Challenge, participants will compete by creating their best creation using a paper pen and a whole lot of creativity.

Round three​ is the Photo Challenge, a series of different close-up everyday items will start appearing on the screen and the players will need to use their best decoding skills to figure out what in the world these images represent. Round four​ is the Scavenger Hunt, during this round we will get the participants up and moving, they will have a set amount of time to explore their dwelling, solve the clue and take the photos to prove it.

Finally, around five​ is the Mystery Round Finale. During this round, we ask a series of questions with a hint embedded into each answer, once the participants answer all the questions they will hunt for the theme that ties it all together so they can solve the mystery. At the conclusion of the event, all the points will be tallied and a winner will be announced.

This host supports the following options:

  • Breakout rooms
  • Pre-assigned teams

Things you'll need

Each guest will need to supply the items below to participate fully in this event.

  • A pen
  • Paper 

How to join

This event is delivered using the video platform: Zoom

The host is not able to use a video link provided by you.

Other things you will need to join:

  • Link to this event, provided after purchase
  • Internet connected device, tablets and phones are supported
  • Internet connection
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cityHUNT is the industry leader in team building scavenger hunts, we've pivoted into the virtual world 15 months ago and have had huge success with our virtual scavenger hunt experience. Our goal is always to keep people interacting and building new relationships through gamification and fun!