Winslow Homer and Art of a Changing America

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Change is an essential part of our workplace, but can also be a huge challenge. Come explore the artwork of Winslow Homer to see how change, both radical and incremental, transformed American life in the late 1800s.


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1 hour 15 minutes

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$2,500 / group

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With a subtle and clarion voice, Homer teased out the complexities of everyday life from the Civil War to the turn of a new century, including changing roles for men and women. Along the way, we’ll consider the elusive man behind the paintings. Homer loved epic battles. Thought Superman was our first super hero? Look again at the earlier superhero Homer painted. He’ll open our eyes to how heroes shape the American character and set the stage for the movies we enjoy today.

Via Zoom, we'll dig deep into artworks by the powerhouse artist Winslow Homer. His art is profoundly relevant today, sure to delight, and may even surprise you, as he comments on the world we still live in. Jump on the Chat with your thoughts and reactions, or simply sit back and enjoy the pleasures of art while gaining insight into your own life and career journey.

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