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Virtual Coffee Tasting Events

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Virtual Coffee Tasting Events

Average rating: 4.9 Number of ratings:(19)

PERK Experience & Kit

$75 / person 15-250 people 30 min

Wake up with caffeinated beverages from all over the world

Virtual Coffee Tastings
Average rating: 4.6 Number of ratings:(7)

Tasting Coffees from Around the World

$100 + $52 / person 1-200 people 60 min

Led by 2013 World Brewer’s Champion James McCarthy

Virtual Instant book Coffee Tastings

The Best DIY Cold Brew with Coffee Sommelier

$80 / person 12-100 people 60 min

This experience will change the way you see coffee forever

Virtual Instant book Coffee Tastings
Average rating: 4.9 Number of ratings:(62)

Virtual Chocolate and Coffee Tasting

$85 / person 12-500 people 60 min

Enjoy the flavors of South America in both chocolate and coffee

Virtual Coffee Tastings

How to make great-tasting Cold Brew

$75 + $44 / person 1-100 people 30 min

Brew 3 great-tasting cold brews and taste them side by side!

Virtual Instant book Food & Drink Tastings

Cold Coffee | 2 Ways With Aeropress

$100 + $129 / person 1-100 people 60 min

Learn how cold coffee can taste when brewed slowly as cold brew vs quickly with an Aeropress brewer.

Virtual Instant book Coffee Tastings
Average rating: 4.9 Number of ratings:(23)

Chocolate and Coffee Tasting Class

$100 + $70 / person 2-300 people 60 min

Learn to taste chocolate and coffee like an expert, and pair them for a fantastic new taste

Virtual Instant book Coffee Tastings

Your Coffee Passport: Taste Coffees From Around The World

$85 / person 4-100 people 60 min

In this class, you’ll get to try 3 different coffees from 3 different countries and learn how to taste coffee just like the pros.

Virtual Instant book Coffee Tastings

Ultimate Aeropress Masterclass

$85 / person 4-100 people 45 min

By the end of this class, you’ll be brewing the best tasting Aeropress coffees you’ve ever had

Virtual Instant book Coffee Tastings

Virtual Coffee Tasting

Tired of starting your morning with the same ol' coffee? Sounds like you could benefit from planning a virtual coffee-tasting event. At Elevent, we want to invite you to take your love for coffee to the next level. With our hands-on experiences, you can explore different coffee flavors from the comfort of your home. 


Who knows... you might just find a new favorite way to start your day.


What Are the Team Benefits of a Virtual Coffee Tasting Event?

Engages Employees

Coffee tasting virtual events are a great way to keep your employees engaged in the workplace. Whether you're planning a team-building experience or a new hire onboarding activity: These events are engaging and entertaining from start to finish.

Improves Workplace Connections

It's easy to get swept away in the chaos of the workday. With a coffee-tasting virtual class, your team will have a moment to take a step back and connect with coworkers on something that isn't work-related, which will improve your retention rates and increase workplace productivity. 

Taste Different Coffee Flavors 

Did you know there are four different types of coffee beans? All four types provide a distinctly different flavor. If you always stick to the same Starbucks or Folgers, you'll never have an opportunity to learn about all the different flavors in the world! 


What to Consider When Booking a Coffee-Tasting Virtual Event

Duration of the Activity

Most of our virtual coffee-tasting team-building classes are 60 to 90 minutes long. This ensures your team has time to connect, learn about the flavors they're exploring, and sip on their coffee. 


All of our pricing for this type of event is per person. The pricing includes the hosted session, everything inside the coffee-tasting kits, and the shipping and handling. 

Group Size

Whether you're looking to book an experience to keep your marketing team connected or you want a fun way to kick off your Monday all-hands meeting: We have a coffee-tasting virtual class that can accommodate any size between 1 to 500 participants.


How Do Virtual Coffee Tasting Events Work?

Meet the Host

The host will meet with your team on Zoom or a different video conferencing platform of your choice. They'll introduce the experience to your team and go over the content in their kits. This is a great time to also ask any questions or address your concerns.

Sip Some Coffee

Now it's time to wake up and enjoy the decadent tastes of coffee! The host will guide your team through the delicious flavors, educate them on the origins, and might even teach them a few tips and tricks about making drinks.

Connect and Engage

Throughout the virtual coffee tasting, the host will encourage your team to participate and connect with one another. There will also be time allocated to team engagement. 


Book a Virtual Coffee Tasting with Elevent

Ready to kickstart your work week with an unreal coffee-tasting experience? We have you covered. All of our events are preplanned and ready for your team to enjoy. All you need to do is pick the perfect tasting and choose a date: The Elevent team will take it from there. 


Contact us today for guidance or suggestions. 


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