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10 Best Virtual Halloween Party Ideas

Veronica Brundle - Feb 1 2022, 3:19:00 PM

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It’s never too early (or late!) to start planning the spookiest time of year!

Halloween is the time for tasty treats, costume contests, and pumpkin carving. Best of all, this holiday isn’t just for kids and scary movie marathons—it can be for corporate virtual Halloween parties, too. Throwing a virtual Halloween party for your remote team is the best way to have everyone show off their costumes and get in the spooky spirit.

We’re here to help you add a bit of Halloween fun into the workweek while keeping your employees engaged, connected, and excited for the holiday.

Here’s a list of the 10 best virtual Halloween party activities that are easy to plan for any remote or hybrid team.

Spooky Sips Halloween Themed Cocktails

Learn how to create Halloween wine cocktails that highlight the decadent flavor profiles of Napa Valley wine. Your team members will get to learn how to make Mother’s Ruin, Whispering Demon, Hocus Pocus, and Witches Floats. Each member will receive three bottles of wine and get to choose which spirits they want to use asmixers. Plus, this delicious assortment of spooky sips is something they can use for their next Halloween party! This hour-long virtual Halloween party can accommodate up to 100 team members.

virtual halloween costume partiesA Costume Contest

Every company needs to have a costume contest during this time of year! Encourage your team members to wear their best costumes during the weekly all-hands meetings or start an email chain of Halloween selfies. No matter how you choose to do it, everyone will get to show off their costumes and connect with their coworkers. At the end of the day, you can all vote on the best dressed and reward them with a gift card or prize.

virtual halloween cookie decoratingLearn How to Decorate Halloween Cookies

A tasty experience with a scary flair! Get everyone together for a Halloween virtual lunch or virtual happy hour to learn how to decorate Halloween cookies like a professional. Everyone will receive eight pre-baked sugar cookies and all the tools needed to decorate like a pro. In the end, they can share the delicious cookies with their friends and family or have them all to themselves.

A Pumpkin-Carving Contest

Plan a virtual lunch that ends with a classic pumpkin-carving contest. You can send your team members credit to buy a pumpkin or have one delivered to their door—the choice is yours. From there, your team members can bond and connect over their pumpkin carvings. If they have kids or family, you can encourage them to join in on the fun. At the end of the virtual lunch or happy hour, you can all vote on who had the best pumpkin carving. Then, send the winner a gift card or a prize to raise the stakes. 

Learn How to Decorate Halloween Cupcakes

Does your team have a sugar tooth? Then this Halloween cupcake experience may be for them. Your team will get to learn how to expertly decorate Halloween cupcakes with all the pro-style piping techniques. At the end of the event, you can have a friendly competition for who decorated the best cupcakes. Bonus points to those who arrive in their spookiest costumes. This is a great halloween idea for remote employees. 

Halloween Chocolate Tasting: Unusual & Spooky

Get ready to explore scary and whimsical chocolate flavors as a team. This virtual experience was dreamt up by world-renowned chocolate makers who were passionate about bringing the flavors of the world directly to your virtual event. Each member of your team will receive five craft chocolate bars that they will get to taste and experiment with their coworkers. You can turn this event into a happy hour event by sending them a bottle of wine. If you’re looking for a virtual experience that was made for a larger group, you’ll be happy to know this one can accommodate up to 500 team members.

Horror Movie Watch Party

Get the team together to watch a horror movie near the end of the workday. You can choose from several Halloween classics and watch together using platforms like Teleparty. Throughout the experience, your team will be able to chat through the scenes and connect with their coworkers on something that isn’t work-related. You can kick things up a notch by sending your team members a pack of popcorn or a bottle of wine (or both!).

A Cocktail Party Murder Mystery

Nothing sets the spooky scene than a good ol’ fashioned murder mystery party! Players will need to interrogate suspects, solve mind-twisting puzzles, and figure out who murdered the detective together as a team. This adventure puts team-bonding skills to the test. You can even take their experience to the next level and ask your team members to dress up to get into character.

Halloween Tattoo Art Workshop

If you have a team full of artists at heart, you can provide them with an outlet for their creativity, Halloween style. During this Halloween Tattoo Art Workshop, your team members will get to create hand-drawn and painted tattoo designs. The instructor will walk everyone through each step, providing them with everything they need to make Halloween art they can be proud of.

Virtual Ghost Hunt: The Haunted Online Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for a haunted adventure full of ghosts and mystery. Your team members will join in on an online scavenger hunt, looking for clues and answering tricky questions. This online quest will be full of twists and turns and blood-chilling tales. If you have a team that doesn’t frighten easily, this scavenger hunt is sure to have everyone on the edge of their seats.

Don't Wait! Get Started Planning Your Virtual Halloween Party Now

Taking the time to plan engaging events like this for your team will show them how much you appreciate them. From team bonding to engagement, you’ll be enhancing your team members’ workplace experience, one event at a time. No matter what type of virtual Halloween party you choose to plan and schedule for your team, it’s sure to be a hit.

As you look through spooky ideas or hair-raising adventures, we want to remind you that you never have to plan the whole event on your own. At Elevent, we handle everything from the logistics to the fun so you can join in on the Halloween party with everyone, stress-free. We recommend taking a look at our full list of Halloween-inspired virtual events and start planning a virtual Halloween party that your team members will enjoy.

Originally published at Feb 1 2022, 3:19:00 PM. Updated on Apr 14 2023.

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