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5 Client Engagement Events That'll Make People Say "Wow!"

Veronica Brundle - Aug 9 2021, 12:13:00 PM

Who made the rule that client events had to be boring? And always center around sales? Because let’s be honest, a lot of them are. It’s time for a change, time to forget the old, done to death event activities and forge a new path towards making client engagement events fun again. Remember, you can’t spell function without FUN! To help you out with some ideas for your next client event, here’s a list of five fun and engaging client activities you can wow your customers with this year and beyond. 

Pottery Workshop

Give your clients the hands-on experience of learning pottery. Its not only a useful skill but also very therapeutic activity. Your host, will guide you the fundamentals of hand-building for a on hour workshop. During which time, you will learn how to handle clay and make pinch pots with a professional ceramicist from Sam Hoff. It sure beats another powerpoint presentation, right?   

Flawlessly Draw Your Favorite Photo

Take your business clients on an art trip like they’ve never experienced before. 

Thanks to the Augmented Reality technology in the Cupixel app, you can now introduce your clients to a new fail-proof way to draw. Tracing with AR is a relaxing and meditative experience where you will learn how to use the Cupixel app to illustrate. It lets your clients transform any personal photo into a work of art, whether its your pet,  loved one, or a beautiful memory from your last holiday abroad.  Art has never been so easy, fun, rewarding and the best bit… this experience is suitable for everyone - No artistic skills are required! 

Interactive Magic & Mind Reading

Now, this is truly a one-of-a-kind interactive experience.

Make your next client engagement event literally magic. Award-winning magician Ben Whiting will perform a fun, hilarious, and most importantly interactive magic and mind-reading show. The virtual show is custom-tailored to your group's personalities, event themes, and company mission. You don’t need to wave a magic wand to experience an unforgettable client event, just book Ben! 

BYO Wine & Cheese Tasting

Nothing goes better together than wine and cheese. 

For your next client engagement event why not organize a BYO tasting extravaganza? Simply purchase any three wines and cheeses and we'll show you how to explore them as well as how to identify what you like and why so you can buy and pair with confidence. Your clients will think they’re expert wine and cheese tasters before the event is over. 

Tokyo Ramen Shop Tour with Ramen!

Go on a virtual journey to Tokyo to learn all about ramen then explore behind the scenes of Tokyo ramen shops in this mouth-watering experience.

Did we mention this experience comes complete with your own 5-pack of premium ramen from Michelin-star ramen shop, Nakiryu?! Your clients will be telling you “Arigato” after they learn handy tips like how to upgrade your instant ramen at home. 

Originally published at Aug 9 2021, 12:13:00 PM. Updated on Oct 14 2022.

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