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Elevent Launches In-person Events to Meet Growing Demand

Jon Conelias - Jul 6 2022, 2:41:00 PM

In-person Experiences for Employees and Clients Available in New York and Austin

Boston, MA - July 6th, 2022- Today, Elevent, a platform connecting event providers and companies to deliver unique experiences that build trust and connections, announced it has launched in-person events in New York and Austin to complement its vast offering of virtual experiences. Starting immediately employers in these cities who are looking to build lasting connections among their workforce will have the additional option to host in-person events. The addition of in-person events offers employers who are looking to nurture workplace community as well as build client engagement a fresh way to connect and create meaningful relationships. The company now offers more than 615 unique experiences across in-person and virtual formats.

“Launching in-person events is a big milestone for us. Our goal is to help people connect and bond with one another by participating together in unique events. We believe, in today’s hybrid work environment this happens both through in-person and virtual community team building,” says Jon Conelias, CEO of Elevent. “Both New York and Austin felt like natural fits to be the first cities that we launched in-person events due to their sheer size and growing tech scenes with companies looking for team building events.”

In-person events in both New York and Austin will reflect the uniqueness of each region including a BBQ & Brew Tour in Austin and a Little Italy Food and Walking Tour in New York. This will be in addition to employee favorites such as escape rooms, paint parties, walking tours, scavenger hunts, and cooking classes.

To date, Elevent has held more than 5,000 events for more than 150,000 people serving companies that highly value employee engagement and retention. The company serves employers that understand the value of social outings as key to strengthening bonds amongst their employees. To find out more about the company’s in-person and virtual event offerings, please visit:

Born out of a need to connect virtually, Elevent is the go-to marketplace for fun. The company hosts experiences for team bonding, client engagement, remote celebrations, and rewards while creating lasting connections. The company has held more than 5,000 events for more than 150,000 people including escape rooms, cocktail classes, murder mysteries, and more.

Originally published at Jul 6 2022, 2:41:00 PM. Updated on Nov 16 2022.

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