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The Best Question Generators for Meetings

Veronica Brundle - May 6 2022, 12:24:43 PM

Planning interactive discussions for you and your team members isn’t always easy, especially if you have bigger things on your plate to focus on. Thinking of creative conversation starters that will help lighten the mood and get everyone ready for a meeting may be the last thing on your mind as you put the finishing touches on your slide deck.

That’s where random question generators come in.

A random question generator can help you keep things interesting and alleviate some of the stress of planning meetings so you can join in on the fun and get everyone excited for a great meeting ahead.

Let’s take a closer look.

What are question generators?

Simply put, a question generator probes members of your group with topics you may not have otherwise brought up. You can use these questions to guide conversations in the workplace or as an icebreaker before a long meeting. The best part: You don’t have to do any extra preparation. The website will pick the questions for you and create fun conversation starters for you to use.

Our top question generators

Random Word Generator

With this question generator, you get to choose how many questions you would like to receive, and the generator will then pick random questions for you. You can keep clicking until you get a set of questions that fits the style and tone of your group. Five random questions can be all you need for an easy icebreaker or kickoff to your meeting. Once your team has had a chance to socialize and connect, you should be able to seamlessly transition to your agenda.

Conversation Starters

These questions go deeper and are more personalized to individuals’ interests and aspirations so you can have fruitful discussions during your meetings. These work especially well for quarterly planning meetings or brainstorming sessions. Go through the questions one by one until everyone has let their guards down and you can dive into your itinerary.

How you can use these generators

You can use these question generators to help you keep the creative juices flowing throughout your event or meeting. They are easy to sprinkle in or used to start or end a meeting with little to no planning required.

Here are a few of the ways you can use them.

All-hands meetings

All-hands meetings can be stale and get right to the chase. If you find everyone glazing over, it may be time to add some fun into the mix. A random question generator can catch everyone’s attention and get them engaged before getting down to business.

Go-to icebreakers

Almost any meeting you join can benefit from some type of icebreaker, whether it’s with the same group of coworkers you collaborate with on a daily basis or a new client with whom you hope to develop a lasting relationship. A random question generator puts everyone on the spot so you can dive into the deeper conversation on deck.

Team-building exercises

Immediate and cross-department team members alike will benefit from a question generator at the start of your next team-building exercise to help everyone loosen up, socialize, and foster deeper connections before the event even begins.

New hire orientations

Getting a group of new hires to open up isn’t always the easiest task, especially if they are remote employees. A random question generator will help them feel as comfortable as possible and will even help spark communication and encourage connections.

Kick-off calls

Kick-off calls are designed to get everyone excited and ready to plan an event, onboard a new client, or launch a new project so you want your team members to be in the best mood and ready to connect with one another. A few random questions can help lighten the mood and maybe generate a laugh or two! Once you feel like the group is ready to tackle the meeting, you’ll be impressed with how fruitful the conversations are and how everyone is willing to participate.

No matter what virtual events or meetings you have planned for your employees, they can benefit from some extra icebreakers, like random questions or even this-or-that questions. Such a simple task can help everyone learn more about the people they work with, grow deeper connections, and get everyone in a social mood.

If you’re ready to plan interactive and exciting events for your team members, lean on Elevent’s wide range of virtual experiences for every event, team, or individual. The best part: Everything is planned and taken care of for you so you can relax and join in on the fun. We recommend looking at our list of virtual events to find one that might work well for your group and complement your company culture and workplace initiatives.

Originally published at May 6 2022, 12:24:43 PM. Updated on Mar 30 2023.

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