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The 10 Best Virtual Earth Day Activities

Veronica Brundle - Feb 4 2022, 3:10:25 PM

Every year on April 22, people everywhere get together to celebrate Earth Day. From recycling events to planting trees in your community, there is always something you can do to show you care about the planet and want to be part of the change.

If Earth Day lands on a weekday, it’s also an opportunity for companies to show their support for the planet by planning Earth Day activities they can do with their employees.

If you’re a remote or hybrid company, you may be wondering what type of virtual Earth Day activities you can plan to get your team involved when they all reside in different places.

We’re here to help you plan virtual Earth Day activities for your team and look for new ways to celebrate our planet every day.


This is an experience that keeps on giving. Get your team together for a succulent planting and care virtual workshop. This Earth Day activity gives everyone a chance to immerse in the experience of growing and planting something from start to finish. The host will walk everyone through the best practices for planting and caring for succulents so they can successfully plant their plants.

In the end, there will be time for questions and all your employees can show off their new plants to their coworkers. Hopefully, everyone will have grown a new appreciation for succulents and continue to grow their own in their home after the event is over!

Just because your team doesn’t work in an office, that doesn’t mean they can’t get together to give back to the community. A virtual recycling drive encourages your employees to be more proactive about recycling and make a conscious effort to think before throwing something away. To do this, you’ll want to track their recycling by creating a form or asking employees to take photos of themselves dropping off bags at a recycling center.

You can even go as far as to share fun facts throughout the week about recycling. Get creative and have some fun! This experience will not only be a great way to keep employees engaged throughout the week, but it will also provide your team with a new perspective on recycling moving forward.


This Earth Day virtual activity is a fun and interactive way to put your team’s green thumbs to the test. Each garden includes a bamboo planter, plant nutrients, and a collection of carefully chosen plants that are sure to thrive indoors. Each plant is from a family-owned farm and is ready to live on your employees’ desks for years to come.

What’s more, did you know that office plants have the power to increase productivity? It’s true! Not only will creating a desktop garden be your way of celebrating Earth Day, but it will also enhance your employees’ work ethics.


When you adopt an animal with the World Wildlife Fund, you’re supporting their global efforts to protect wildlife. This is a great Earth Day activity because you can choose to adopt an animal together as a company and take time to learn about the animal throughout the week. This will educate your employees on wildlife, as well as an impact on the world, one donation at a time.


Get your team members together to learn how to grow their own herbs and veggies at home! During this hour-long virtual Earth Day workshop, your team members will get to plant four to six fresh herbs and veggies with their gardening kit. The host will show them all they need to know to ensure the plants are carefully planted and teach everyone about the wellness benefits of gardening.


Let’s be honest: We all need some fresh air every once in a while, especially during the workday! If the weather permits, encourage your team to work outside for the day and connect with nature. Whether it’s on their balcony or in their backyard, motivate them to take some time to be with the earth and appreciate the gorgeous scenery around them. It is sure to lift their spirits and improve workflow for the day while experiencing the true beauty of the world.


Choose to make a difference in your community by donating to a charity as a team. Depending on the charity you choose, it will be a learning experience for the whole team and hopefully inspire your employees to give back more often. Have your employees put together presentations with the charity of their choice, whether somewhere local where employees can donate their time or something virtual, then vote as a team where to focus your efforts. You could even turn this into an annual Earth Day activity!


It's time to learn how to plant and propagate! For this Earth Day virtual activity, each participant will receive two plants and learn how to cut plants correctly and propagate their vining plants. Your team members will learn how to grow, plant, and care for their plants — a skill set that will stay with them for years to come.


One of our favorite Earth Day activities is planting a tree as a company! Trees provide us with the oxygen needed to live, protect wildlife, and provide flood protection for communities. Of course, we know this might be hard to do if your remote team is located all over the world. Thankfully, there are websites you can use to help you plant a tree together.

Here are a few you can check out today:


A virtual nature scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive way to get your whole team active and engaged with nature. You can choose to put together a list of items they’ll need to take photos of throughout the day, giving them fun things they need to find, like flowers and animals. You could plan a half-day at work where they have to spend the rest of the day on a scenic walk or encourage everyone to go on a lunchtime walk to complete the scavenger hunt.

We hope these virtual Earth Day activities inspire you to celebrate the planet in the workplace. As you start to look for an activity that works for your team, always remind yourself why you’re doing it and the impact you can make. Small changes can add up to big impacts and help us preserve planet earth for future generations.

As you plan your Earth Day activities, we recommend looking at our full list of plant-related virtual events. We have several virtual events that can be utilized as Earth Day activities and encourage your coworkers to connect with nature. The best part is we take care of everything! From planning to execution, you can sit back and relax or join in on the Earth Day fun. The choice is yours. Learn more about our capabilities and how we can help bring your virtual events to the next level.

Originally published at Feb 4 2022, 3:10:25 PM. Updated on Apr 14 2023.

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