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Top 5 Virtual Events for Your Summer Party

Jon Conelias - May 7 2021, 12:54:33 PM

Everyone is excited to get back together but it may not be in time for your typical summer outing.  How are you going to bring your team together for a fun, team-building day? Trying to do something different this year is a challenge but we're here with some great event options for you and your team.

Here are our top five suggestions on how to bring the team together virtually.

Rockstar Activator Event

Tom Morley, your host with the most, has an amazing playlist and gets everyone playing various items from around their house. It is like enjoying a concert while sitting in your office. This event is made for your fun, energetic team who is looking to move around and have a great time. Learn the tricks of the trade from this professional drummer and musician who has worked with David Bowie, Madness, and Scritti Politti.  

Modern Tie Dye

Tie-dye is once again having a moment. This event is a revitalization of something we all remember fondly. Each participant will get a kit and will walk through making a one-of-a-kind shirt with Jen Cox, the host, who has been doing tie-dye for as long as she can remember. This event is family-friendly so invite the kids to participate along with everyone. 

Virtual Sushi Making Class

There is nothing like taking your team out to dinner — or better yet, bringing the dinner straight to your door. Rolling your own sushi while sipping sake is like dinner and a show among your colleagues, hopefully while having laughs along the way. The best part is learning a new culinary craft that you can show off to friends and family for years to come. 

Drag Queen Bingo

Everyone loves a classic game of bingo, but it's even more fun when it's hosted by fun-loving drag queens. Yes, there's a chance to win prizes, but the hysterical interactive performance will keep everyone engaged and the time flying by.   

Around the World Scavenger Hunt

You and your coworkers will go on a globetrotting adventure in just 60 minutes without leaving the comforts of your home office, all while learning about the world’s best museums and historic locations. Gather together to follow clues, find amazing objects, and answer tricky questions about them.

Originally published at May 7 2021, 12:54:33 PM. Updated on Sep 30 2022.

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