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Virtual Candle Making Class

Live hosted candle making classes online for your team.

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Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(302)

Plant a Succulent Terrarium

$59 / person 6-500 people 60 min

Let’s play in the dirt and get crafty by planting a Succulent Terrarium garden in a fun but therapeutic virtual plant class. Your terrarium is a great keepsake!

Virtual Plants & Gardening Event
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(188)

Virtual Artisanal Soy Candle Making

$65 / person 10-100 people 60 min

Learn how to make candles like an artisan

Virtual Candle Making
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(49)

Marbled Resin Tray Class

$80 / person 10-300 people 60 min

Have fun crafting your own one-of-a-kind home décor!

Virtual Arts & Crafts Event
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(48)

Team Pottery Party

$96 / person 8-200 people 60 min

This hands-on art form has been shown to help ease anxiety and improve mindfulness

Virtual Crafts & Gardening Event Instant book
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(36)

Plant a Beach Succulent Garden

$59 / person 6-500 people 60 min

Plant a beach inspired terrarium with sea shells from Florida and fun baby succulents

Virtual Plants & Gardening Event
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(35)

Plant a Rainbow Succulent Garden

$59 / person 6-500 people 60 min

Create a magical Rainbow themed succulent garden with fun colored moss and baby succulents

Virtual Plants & Gardening Event
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(18)


$400 + $58 / person 10-100 people 60 min

Suminagashi, Japanese for “floating ink”, is a traditional art form that reveals the mesmerizing, ever-changing nature of water

Virtual Arts & Crafts Event Instant book
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(17)

Create a Sustainable Terrarium Ecosystem

$63 / person 8-300 people 90 min

Are you ready to meet a fun botanical activity? You will create your sustainable world in a sealed terrarium!

Virtual Plants & Gardening Event Instant book

Bring your team together to create, connect, and grow closer with one another with a virtual candling making class with kit. All of our interactive candle-making experiences invite your team to get creative and hand-pour their own candles from the comfort of their home. If you're looking for a way to spark creativity and provide a relaxing activity that will help reduce symptoms of burnout, a candle making class online is the perfect solution.


These experiences invite your team to relax and enjoy themselves. There's something soothing and relaxing about pouring your own candles and watching them come to life. 

This creative and interactive experience invites your team to get creative and channel their inner artist. They'll be encouraged to take an innovative approach to the process and make something they can put on display in their home. 

Throughout the experience, the host will encourage your team to participate and ask questions. Together, they'll learn the ins and outs of candle making as a team, a memory they'll get to cherish in the workplace with their coworkers.


Most of our virtual candle making courses are 30 to 75 minutes long. This is to ensure your team has time to go through each step in the process and time to engage with their coworkers.

All of our virtual candle making classes with kit have everything your team needs to succeed. However, some experiences require your team to bring some household items. We recommend reading through the list of items to ensure your team is fully prepared.

We have virtual candle making classes that can accommodate everything from eight to 300 participants. If you're looking for something more intimate and hands-on, we recommend breaking larger groups into smaller groups. This will ensure everyone has time to engage with everyone and ask any questions.


The host will go over the experience with your team via Zoom or a different video conferencing platform. They'll talk through what's inside the kit, explain how the class will work, and get your team excited to start making candles.

Now, it's time to get crafty! Your team will either follow the host's lead or the instructional video. Everyone needs to be patient and follow along to ensure they take every step correctly. 

Lastly, your team can show off their candles, share their challenges with their coworkers, and engage among themselves. After the event, you can encourage everyone to share their candle creations on the slack channel or show everyone how you plan to put them on display.


Think your team will appreciate the candle-making process? You've come to the right place. At Elevent, our virtual experiences are preplanned and ready to go. All you need to do is pick a candle-making experience, the perfect date, and show up ready for some fun!


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