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Hosted virtual cocktail class for remote and hybrid teams.

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Great experience, really enjoyed learning more about cocktail making and just general cocktail info. Host was engaging and did a great job balancing when to step in and when to let our internal team engage with one another. Thank you!

— Katey

Clock out of work and slip into the shoes of a bartender for a virtual cocktail-making class! These hands-on experiences challenge your team to test their mixology skills and step out of their comfort zone. After making their own craft cocktails and learning the tricks of the trade: they’ll engage with their coworkers while sipping on something sweet! 


Cocktail-making classes require your team to tap into their creative side. They’ll discover the tricks and techniques to make their favorite craft cocktails and learn all about the art of mixology.

Throughout the virtual experience, your team will have many opportunities to bond. Providing your team with a way to connect on non-work-related matters will help improve communication and help them develop a deeper connection.

A virtual cocktail-making class is just like an interactive happy hour. Instead of sitting around on a Zoom call and forcing a conversation for an hour, your team can feel stimulated and engaged. This will invite everyone to have organic conversations about the cocktails, their interests, hobbies, and more. 


We get it! Cocktail-making classes aren’t for everyone. Fortunately, several of our preplanned virtual experiences have non-alcoholic options for individuals who wish to still participate. 

Whether you’re looking for a private, intimate experience or something your entire team can enjoy: We got you covered. We have options that can accommodate anywhere from 4 to 2000 participants. Don't feel discouraged if you have a larger group. We handle all the preparations behind the scenes.

Some kits have everything they need to succeed delivered straight to their doorstep. However, some options require participants to bring their own alcohol or pick up ingredients at the store. If you want a fully inclusive event that includes everything, reach out to the team at Elevent. We'll help you find one that fits your needs. 


Everyone will join using the preferred video conferencing platform for the virtual cocktail-making class team building experience. The host will introduce themselves, play icebreakers, and get your team excited!

The bartender will demonstrate how to make the cocktails and answer any questions. They'll share techniques and tricks they can use, helping them experience an authentic cocktail-making class from the comfort of their home.

The mixologist knows how to get the party started. They'll help spark conversations and create a social environment. As everyone sips on their homemade craft cocktails and socializes, it will be like meeting for a drink after work!


Virtual cocktail-making classes are a fun and entertaining experience that will keep your team engaged. Whether you're planning a virtual holiday party or an appreciation event: You can't go wrong with any of the options we have available. 


If you have any questions or need recommendations, contact us today.

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