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The Importance of Virtual Events in the Digital Age

Veronica Brundle - Mar 3 2022, 11:03:28 AM

Virtual events of all kinds have changed the way we connect with other companies, clients, and employees. Attending in-person events takes a lot more planning, time, and money. With the switch to virtual, companies have more flexibility and versatility. Your attendees no longer need to book a flight or hotel room to get the information they need to be successful. Instead, they can tune in to the virtual experience from the comfort of their home or office.

Even though in-person events are starting to slowly make a comeback, that doesn’t mean virtual events are going to disappear anytime soon. In fact, some of the top 100 global companies, like LinkedIn, HP, and Volkswagen, believe virtual events are here to stay.

Virtual experiences have dramatically lowered the price for attendees and the company, creating more room in the budget for other priorities. Meaning, with more money in the budget, you can now finally book the speaker you’ve always wanted or invite top talent to partner with you.

This digital shift has allowed companies to increase the size of their audience, expanded their reach in new ways, and given them a new cost-effective solution to market themselves.

As we continue to move toward a more digital world in which everything is going virtual, you’ll want to stay ahead of the curve by looking for new ways to plan innovative experiences for your target audience.

Once you nail down the basics with a virtual event checklist, you’ll be able to use this skill set to plan virtual experiences of all kinds, for both employees and clients. More than 52% of companies use virtual events to onboard new employees, while 57% uses them to engage and educate their customers. You can plan effective team-building events to help increase engagement in the workplace or more client-facing events to maintain your professional relationships. The opportunities are truly endless.

As more and more companies start to move to a digital workforce, there’s no telling how important virtual experiences will be for everyone. From company-wide all-hands meetings to virtual event experiences for employee recognition, there is so much you can do to create an experience that provides value for any audience.

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Originally published at Mar 3 2022, 11:03:28 AM. Updated on Nov 16 2022.

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