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Elevent Spotlight

Escape the Forest

As you and your friends set off deep into the woods, terror creeps in

1 hour virtual event
8 - 200 people
$25 / person

Our organization really enjoyed the Escape the Forest virtual escape room. The hosts were absolutely fantastic, engaging, and so professional, and the event itself was so much fun -- the level of difficulty and time it took for our group to complete is perfect. Everyone is still raving about it the next day, thank you so much and would definitely book with this team again!

— Sam H., Apple

Elevent Spotlight

The Heist: There’s an Art to Crime

Can you outsmart a museum curator to rescue a stolen masterpiece?

1 hour virtual event
4 - 10 people
$32 / person

We were looking for a team-building activity and this was perfect.  Our team thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We will be doing this again and mentioning it to other teams

— Lynne, Vanguard

Virtual Escape Room

Need a fun and interactive way to boost company morale and keep your employees engaged? Look no further! Elevent offers top-rated virtual escape rooms. An online escape room is perfect for large or small groups as we have escapes tailored for all different groups' sizes.


In a virtual escape room, all participants can clearly see the puzzles, brainstorm ideas, and interact with the moderator. This creates the perfect environment for teamwork, team bonding, and friendly competition. Unlike an in-person escape game, it is much easier for everyone to participate and engage with their team members.


Our virtual escape rooms come in two different formats. There are pure virtual experiences where the participants are in a fully immersive virtual experience trying to solve puzzles and escape the room. The second is a moderated version where the participants direct the game host in a room to solve the puzzles. Both formats are fun and encourage communication, team building, and problem-solving.


What are the Team Benefits of a Virtual Escape Game?

Improves Team Building and Bonding

All players will actively participate with their teammates to solve the challenges. Together they will brainstorm, collaborate, and communicate over video to work towards a common goal and escape the room before the clock runs out.

Boosts Communication and Collaboration

With a virtual escape room, players will work together and talk through the different clues, games, and challenges. The groups that succeed are the ones that can work together, communicate and collaborate. 

Encourages Friendly Competition

Competition in the form of an online escape room can energize a team and motivate them to work together towards a common goal.


How an Online Escape Room Works and What to Consider

- Meet the host: When your group logs in you will start by meeting the host. The host will provide an overview of what to expect and ensure the technology is working and ready to go.

- Team grouping: Depending on the virtual escape game you choose, your group will be broken into teams. Some online escape games will let you assign predetermined groups, while others do not have this capability.  

- Solve challenges: Now it's time for the real fun to begin! The clock will start ticking, and the group will dive right into tackling challenges, solving puzzles, and digging into the clues.

- Winners announced: At the end, we will announce the winners or share the time to solve the virtual escape game. In addition, some online escape rooms include a group photo which will be shared after the event. 


Virtual Escape Room Team Building with Elevent

When it comes to finding the best virtual escape rooms for your team, there’s many different factors to consider. These include price, duration, theme, and difficulty level. With Elevent, we make it easy to find the perfect escape room for your group. 

If you need a recommendation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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