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Virtual Happy Hour

Live hosted virtual happy hour games for remote and hybrid teams.

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Virtual Events with Kits Delivered To You

Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(1)

Beer Tasting with Charcuterie

$118 / person + kit 15-250 people 60 min

A beer tasting led by beer lovers that celebrates another great passion - charcuterie!

Virtual Beer Tastings
Average rating: 3.8 Number of ratings:(5)

Beer Tasting with Branded Glassware

$100 / person + kit 15-250 people 60 min

Celebrate one of the world's oldest beverages with with a beer-centric tasting guide

Virtual Beer Tastings
Average rating: 3.8 Number of ratings:(11)

Summer Mixology

$530 + $112.50 / person + kit 2-250 people 60 min

Learn how to make two unique cocktails that are so good they should be classics!

Virtual Cocktails
Average rating: 4.7 Number of ratings:(11)

Whiskey & Chocolate Tasting

$140 / person + kit 12-500 people 60 min

A pairing of two global obsessions, craft chocolate bars and artisanal whiskey

Virtual Whiskey Tastings
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(7)

Seasonal Cocktail Class

$400 + $115 / person + kit 10-800 people 60 min

Mix drinks with an artisanal kit & tutorial from the crew at Laylow bar in Asbury Park, NJ

Virtual Cocktails
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(36)

Virtual Cheese Tasting

$125 / person + kit 10-100 people 60 min

Taste artisan cheese under the guidance of one of our cheese experts

Virtual Cheese Tastings
Average rating: 4.6 Number of ratings:(9)

Fair Trade Chocolate Tasting

$85 / person + kit 5-100 people 60 min

A tasting full of stories, facts, laughs, and single-origin chocolate

Virtual Food & Drink Tastings
Average rating: 4.7 Number of ratings:(3)

Vodka Mixology Class

$100 / person + kit 20-2000 people 60 min

Shake it up like a true mixologist with the TalkTales team: we bring the spirits!

Virtual Cocktails

Virtual Cooking Events

Average rating: 4.1 Number of ratings:(8)

Dumpling Making Class

$112 / person + kit 10-200 people 60 min

Enjoy everything you need to make jiaozi style dumplings and sauce with a professional chef

Virtual Asian Cuisine

Delicious Cacio e Pepe

$115 / person + kit 10-500 people 60 min

This creamy, cheesy delicious recipe is sometimes called Italian Mac n’ Cheese

Virtual Pasta Making
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(2)

Boba Milk Tea and Popcorn Chicken

$80 / person + kit 10-200 people 75 min

Soft and chewy: there's a reason Boba is so popular all over the world! Together with the crispy-crunchy popcorn chicken, a perfect pairing!

Virtual Cooking
Average rating: 4.9 Number of ratings:(46)

Award Winning Tiramisu & Funny Italian Gestures

$40 / person 10-50 people 60 min

Learn how to make your best tiramisu ever and some classic Italian gestures

Virtual Baking
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(14)

Learn to Twist Authentic Soft Filled Pretzels

$45 / person 12-1000 people 90 min

Master this iconic treat you'll up-level with fillings and dip!

Virtual Baking
Average rating: 4.4 Number of ratings:(5)

Tasting Coffees from Around the World

$100 + $52 / person + kit 1-200 people 60 min

Led by 2013 World Brewer’s Champion James McCarthy

Virtual Coffee Tastings
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(97)

Chocolate Candy Making

$55 / person + kit 6-500 people 60 min

Make five different types of chocolate candy favorites sold in our San Francisco shop

Virtual Candy Making
Average rating: 4.9 Number of ratings:(18)

Sushi Making 101 - US

$145 / person + kit 15-50 people 90 min

Learn to make 4 types of sushi, all food and tools are provided in this unique experience

Virtual Sushi

Virtual Happy Hour

After a long day at work, there is nothing better than having the opportunity to sit back and relax with your team in an inviting, virtual setting. At Elevent, we have a variety of fun pre-planned ideas that will allow you to provide a full-fledged happy hour experience they can enjoy from the comfort of their home. 


What Are the Team Benefits of Our Virtual Happy Hour Games?

Build Connections

Virtual happy hour ideas are about more than just grabbing drinks with your coworkers. They create opportunities that allow your team to deepen their connection in a relaxed setting. During this time, they can connect on a personal level and learn more about each other, which will improve their connection in the workplace.

Enhance Company Culture 

Planning virtual happy hour games for your team is great for employee engagement and can improve retention rate over time. Whether it's a cooking class or a cocktail-making experience: Every moment is designed to embrace company culture and help your team grow closer. 


What to Consider When Booking Virtual Happy Hour Games


Most of our virtual happy hour experiences are 30 to 120 minutes long. The duration will depend on the type of experience you're planning and your company goals. 

Choosing The Experience

Before you book, consider your team's interests and what they enjoy doing. Have a competitive bunch? Book a virtual game night. Want to teach them a new skill or two? Book a cooking experience.

Group Size and Budget

Whether you're looking for virtual happy hour ideas for a small intimate setting or something that can accommodate a large group: We've got you covered. To help you find the perfect virtual event, we recommend using our group size and budget filter. This will help you find the best possible options in your budget.


How Virtual Happy Hour Ideas Work 

A Host Greets You

Most of our virtual experiences start with a host who welcomes your team and walks them through everything they need to know. Everyone will meet via video conference software.

Jump into the Fun

Whether it’s following a how-to in the kitchen or learning how to make their own cocktails with virtual happy hour cocktail kits, get ready for a good time! Your team will jump right into the experience, tackle challenges, answer questions, and have a good time with their team. 

Engage and Connect At The End

In the end, our fun virtual happy hour ideas provide a moment for everyone to engage with each other before or after the experience. This is a great time to grab your favorite drinks, engage with one another, and strengthen your team’s connection.


Book A Virtual Happy Hour with Elevent

The best part about our virtual happy hour games and events is everything is planned and ready to go. You never need to worry about the nitty-gritty details or the planning aspect. All you need to do is pick a date, invite your team, and get ready for the fun to begin. 


If you're ready to plan an engaging experience your team will enjoy, you've come to the right place. 


Contact us today for recommendations or any questions. 


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