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Live hosted virtual trivia games for remote teams and clients. Are you game?

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Take your team's love of game shows and trivia to the next level with an immersive experience they'll always remember. Our selection of virtual trivia games puts participants' knowledge to the test and challenges them to step out of their comfort zone and into a game show setting. All our experiences are designed to provide an interactive environment for your colleagues to engage and  build a connection with one another.


Virtual trivia games for teams are fun and engaging. Even though your team is remote, the right team building games will help them feel a sense of comradery and encourage everyone to connect on a deeper level.

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? With the right virtual trivia team building experience, your team will get to put their knowledge to the test and compete to take home the win. There will be questions they don't know, moments of rivalry, and an exciting new experience with every round.


Before you choose an experience, you'll want to consider your needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for a quick 30-minute virtual trivia session during your onboarding session or a 120-minute experience for an employee appreciation event: Timing is everything! So always consider your needs before you book.  

Some of our experiences are priced per person and others per group. To improve your shopping experience, we recommend using our group size and budget filter to find a cost-effective solution for your group.

Whether you're looking for an old school game school experience or something more modern day: We have what you need! If you aren't sure what's best for you and your group, you'll want to consider their individual likes and dislikes. 


Participants will join the live game show via zoom or another video conferencing platform. The host will walk them through the ins and outs of the experience, explain the rules, and maybe even play some icebreakers

For most of our trivia experiences, your team will break into rooms and different teams. This is done at random. However, some experiences allow you to pre-pick the teams beforehand.

Once your team is all set and ready to go, it's time to dive right into the fun. Some virtual trivia games for teams are played in rounds, and others are sets of different mini-games. 


Regardless of the structure, if your team wants to take home the win, they'll need to work together, think strategically, and stay engaged from start to finish. At the end, the winning team will be celebrated and your team will have an opportunity to connect.


At Elevent, we want to help you and your company plan exciting, hands-on events that keep your team engaged. Our wide variety of trivia team-building experiences is perfect for employee appreciation events, end-of-the-quarter celebrations, and everything in between.


To learn more about our experiences or book your own today, contact us.

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