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Employee Holiday Event Planning in 2022 - What Big Businesses Are Doing

Jon Conelias - Sep 23 2022, 4:09:45 PM

The holidays are upon us, and now is the time for businesses of every size to start thinking about how they want to approach this year’s employee holiday event planning. For some, team bonding and engagement events are at the bottom of their to-do list for the holiday season. With the chaos of Q4 and the ongoing strategic planning for the new year, it can be hard to make time for your employees during the hectic holiday season. 

We recently surveyed over 102 companies. These responders come from top companies like Progressive, Hubspot, Pfizer, Salesforce, Glassdoor, and more. Our findings showed that engagement events and activities are a top priority for big businesses. Which means they won't let them be brushed under the rug this year. Instead, these businesses will keep these engagement activities top of mind during the holiday season and are open to finding new and innovative event planning solutions.

Here’s what you need to know:

Remember back in 2020, when holiday parties were widely canceled around the world? Companies of every size turned to Zoom to host happy hour events and ugly Christmas sweater parties. This was at the peak of the pandemic. While everyone was still learning how to navigate a remote work environment amidst a COVID-19 surge. 

In 2021, in-person holiday parties returned at a smaller scale. However, businesses had already expanded their hiring to different cities and states. This means their entire workforce wouldn’t have the opportunity to come together and connect during the most joyous time of the year. 

According to our survey results, in 2022, 63% of respondents said they will have a holiday party of some kind this year. That tells us that holiday parties are here to make a comeback in 2022, even though they may not look the same as they always have.

Graph showing 64% of companies will have a holiday party

Originally published at Sep 23 2022, 4:09:45 PM. Updated on Sep 28 2022.

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