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How To Play Virtual Jeopardy

Veronica Brundle - Jul 26 2022, 9:41:35 AM

Virtual Jeopardy is an exciting way to spice up the work week with some good ol’ fashion trivia! With this virtual game show, you'll have an opportunity to challenge your team members' problem-solving skills and make them think critically about the questions on the board as they work through the different categories as a team, trying to take home the win.

This class game show is more than just a game. It's a team bonding experience that helps your colleagues foster connections with one another, no matter where they're located. Incorporating these fun, innovative games into your team bonding activities or monthly happy hours will help them connect on topics outside of work and encourage them to work together as a team.

How to play virtual Jeopardy with your teammates

If you're set on planning and preparing a DIY virtual Jeopardy, here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Choose your Jeopardy method

Several online tools can help you play virtual Jeopardy. Whether you’re looking for a simple app you can all download or a video game: the opportunities are endless.

However, if you’re looking to play traditional Jeopardy over Zoom, you’ll need to do some of the manual leg work. If you decide not to go with a pre-planned option, make sure you come prepared with questions and categories. You’ll also need to create a game board you can use, and send out a list of instructions to your team prior to the game show night.

You may also want to ask your team members to come up with their own preselected questions. Asking them to choose their category and questions as a team will take some of the planning off your hands and allow you to focus on more important things.

Setting up the game

Once everyone joins the Zoom call, you can split them into different teams. It’s recommended to split the group into teams of five. Send each of the teams to their own breakout rooms.

You’ll need one player to host the game. As the host, you’ll want to get your screen ready to share the gameboard, keep score, and keep everyone on the right track.

It’s recommended to keep the Zoom screen on gallery mode so that you can see everything as a cohesive game. Display settings can be adjusted so that you can view all of the screens on one screen without having to click back and forth.

Getting started

Each team will have 8 to 10 minutes to choose a category and write five questions for that category. Each individual will claim a different question to read and assign a value to the question. Once they return to the main Zoom call, each team member will display their category and put the point value as their virtual background.

Each team will take turns choosing questions from the Zoom screen. When a player is selected, they will read their question out to the rest of the players. The individual will answer the question, and the other player will confirm if they got the answer right or not.

Since every individual will be coming to the game with their own questions and categories, the organizer won’t need to think of the questions themselves. This will save you time and hassle! Once all the questions have been answered, it's time for the host to share the results.

Other ways to play virtual Jeopardy

If you’re not wanting to do the entire game yourself or over Zoom, here are a few other options to choose from:

  • Live stream watch party of Jeopardy
  • Virtual Jeopardy party in Slack or Teams
  • Virtual video games
  • Zoom whiteboard Jeopardy
  • The Official Jeopardy! App

Add in a prize

Raising the stakes is great for getting people pumped up and ready to play virtual Jeopardy. It can be simple, like a gift card or a free lunch voucher. Maybe, you offer an extra PTO or an early Friday. The choice is yours.

Explore virtual team games with Elevent

Virtual team games are some of the best team bonding experiences. They challenge your team members to improve their critical thinking skills and work as a team through the questions, puzzles, and mini-games. If you’re looking for a fun team-building experience, you can't go wrong with the structure of the traditional game show experience.

If you’re looking for a pre-planned experience that won't take too much away from your work week, we have several team-based online games at Elevent. All of our experiences are designed to promote team building in the workplace and promote connections between colleagues.

Here are a few of our top choices:

30 Minute Virtual Game Night

Only have time for a quick, 30-minute game night? Here's exactly what you need. This virtual game is a high-production value gameshow full of easy-to-learn, engaging games. The host will guide your group through three to four themed rounds for an exciting 30 minutes full of play. The 30 Minute Virtual Game Night can accommodate groups of 50 participants and is great for smaller, intimate groups.

The Big Quiz

The Big Quiz is much more than just a quiz. It's a fun-filled, immersive experience packed with different questions and mini-challenges. Your teams will be divided into groups or asked to play individually. Together, they'll engage in a little healthy competition for 60 minutes. This experience is led by an entertaining host and can accommodate up to 1000 participants.

TV Game Showdown

Want the complete classic game show experience? We have what your team needs. Step right up for the ultimate game showdown! For 60 minutes, your team will compete in groups of 5-8 people and play three rounds of games inspired by our favorite shows, including Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy.

This exciting experience is full of fun puzzles that will test your team's problem-solving skills and provide them with a new opportunity to connect with their team members outside work. Our TV Game Showdown virtual experience is pre-planned and ready to go, so you don't need to worry about planning a game night for your colleagues.

Team Trivia

Team Trivia is a comedian-hosted trivia event with comics that have been featured on Conan, Late Night with David Letterman, and many more esteemed programs.  This amazing experience is a blend of comedy and then team trivia.  Everyone will leave having learned new things about their team and coworkers!

It can be hard to juggle work week responsibilities and team-building experiences. As working professionals, we have a lot on our plate throughout the work week! Team building and bonding experiences typically get slid under the rug because no one has time to dedicate to planning a fruitful experience.

With Elevent, that's never the case. We make it easy to plan to engage in experiences for your team members. We handle the planning and preparing, so you don't have to. All you need to do is choose a date, inform your team, and come ready for some fun. Explore our collection of game show experiences today to find the right option for you.

Originally published at Jul 26 2022, 9:41:35 AM. Updated on Sep 28 2022.

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