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Top 5 "Last-Minute" Virtual Events

Veronica Brundle - Jul 12 2021, 4:14:00 PM

Are you in need of last minute virtual events and are just out of ideas? These days, it’s difficult to get everyone together due to safety precautions and distance restrictions. So many people are tuning in from a remote location but still want to be involved with the fun. Did you know that 93% of marketing professionals recommend investing in virtual events in your business marketing strategy? 

Virtual events are on the rise and have not reached their peak yet, we expect to see virtual events’ popularity continue to increase. Zoom calls and Google Meet appointments are becoming commonplace for the business world.

Let us help you plan a virtual event with ease! Check out these virtual events that will be fun for any group! These all-in adventures will have you feeling like you are all in the same room together having fun. 

Here are our Top 5 Last-Minute Virtual Events: 

Escape the Desert Island

In this fun-filled adventure, attendees will collaborate and draw on the screen to solve puzzles to get their team off the desert island and to safety. Your group will be broken into teams that will compete to see who can solve the puzzles fastest. 

A live moderator will work with each team to give a full-on event experience. Each team will crack codes, watch videos, and find clues to escape off the desert island. Fun for all ages!   There are a lot of other virtual escape games if you have already escaped the island

Beat the Bomb

Beat the bomb! In this fast-paced virtual game, players will be put to the test with three minigames: the Sequencer, Echo Chamber, Cyberbot. Players will be placed into teams while the host moves amongst the rooms providing any needed technical support and encouragement. 

Virtual Game Night

It’s game night - virtual style! Our virtual game night event is hosted by comedian Olly Robinson and is like being on a real TV game show! Participants will use their phones to play along in real-time while watching the show with other players on Zoom. With a variety of virtual games such as Well Whaddya Know, The Observator, Spelling Hornet, Emoji Showdown, Broken News, the Silent Jukebox, and more!  

Ruins: Forbidden Treasure

In this virtual escape room style adventure, you and your group are transported to a remote jungle that you have to escape from! Using your wits and cunning, solve puzzles and answer trivia questions to get yourself out of hot water - literally!

Keep track of items and clues you find along the way, and find the forbidden treasure before it’s too late. 

Trivia Night

And last but not least, trivia night! Everyone loves a good ol’ classic trivia night! Challenge your strength of wit and test your brains with this challenging, but fun, event. Who will get bragging rights for “Smartest Person in the Room” tonight? 

Originally published at Jul 12 2021, 4:14:00 PM. Updated on Sep 30 2022.

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