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Top 10 Virtual Team Building Games

Veronica Brundle - Nov 4 2021, 11:56:30 AM

If you’re looking for a way to take team building online for a virtual team building experience, you’re in the right place! This list of ten virtual connection games will help your team get to know each other better while safely participating in a virtual space.

Traditional connection games are designed to facilitate interactions through structured but fun games that challenge you to think outside the box. The virtual versions of these connection games cut out the headache of trying to get everyone in the same location at the same time. 

Online team building games allow for more flexibility and the opportunity for worldwide teams to participate in something together, getting to know one another better. 

The top ten virtual team building games below are perfect for your virtual events like conferences, orientations, or planning sessions.

25-100 participants

1 hour

This unique experience is hosted by a team of five from Improv Asylum, which was voted Boston’s best comedy show for more than 20 years. Throughout the show, they talk to your virtual audience and ask questions, incorporating answers into the Improv performances. 

15-80 participants

1 hour

This is a great combination of an escape room and virtual puzzle game. To set the stage for your experience, it’s 1990, and there is a rogue scientist by the name of Dr. Humphreys whose experiments cross the line. The Agency for International Reconnaissance (AIR) needs your team to search for clues to find and stop him. 

Your team participates via a Zoom call with access to an interactive dashboard where you’ll search rooms and solve puzzles. Throughout the hour, your team receives video updates on the mission so you can track your progress. 

15-80 participants

1 hour

This game is another escape room/puzzle game combination experience. Your team is in space, but there’s a problem with the radiation levels. You need to reengage systems and get back into orbit – fast. It also takes place on a Zoom call with an interactive dashboard. Your team works together to fix your spaceship and solve problems along the way. 

30-150 participants

1.5 hours

The Omega Protocol is a unique 3D escape room that your team can participate in virtually. A group of scientists had a project go very wrong, and they unleashed zombies. There are three puzzle levels to complete as you search for an antidote together. Your larger group is broken down into teams of four to six players for more engagement with facilitators available to help you along the way. 

1-50 participants

30 minutes

Your host for a virtual game night is comedian Olly Robinson. Your group can watch the live game on Zoom while participating in trivia on their phones. Because time is short, the games are easy to learn and follow along with. Choose from three to four of the games below for fast-paced trivia rounds. 

Well Whaddya Know – This classic trivia game has ten question with ten seconds to answer each one for a chance at 100 points per question. Trivia ranges from geography to history and even popular shows on TV today. 

Spelling Hornet – Your team may be tasked with professional communication for your organization, but how good is their spelling without help from an online spellchecker tool? 

Emoji Showdown – Read a sentence, title, name, or phrase in emojis and try to figure out what it really means. Answer fast before the time runs out. 

Silent Jukebox – Instead of using song lyrics to guess a song, you’re tasked with identifying them from the instrumental remix version. 

15-250 participants

1.5 hours

Your group splits up in teams of three to six participants per team to compete against one another and escape the scenario before everyone else. Teams join on Zoom to get into their escape room. They can be in the same location participating together, or in separate locations around the world. 

The team captain controls a dashboard where the team receives their mission briefing. Your team transforms into a group of detectives tasked with solving a mystery before time runs out. Virtual assistants are available to help, and at the end the entire group joins a single zoom call to celebrate the winning team. 

15-250 participants

1 hour

If you’re looking for a hands-on experience, the virtual beer tasting is a great way to engage your team safely from wherever they are. Craft’d Company sends out a tasting box to each participant that contains four craft beers and a charcuterie snack pack.

Your team learns more about each different beer and what food pairings experts recommend. Keep in mind that this particular virtual event requires a longer planning period in advance of your event to ensure that everyone receives their kit on time.

State regulations prohibit shipping alcohol to Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Utah. If you have team members in these states, this might not be the best game for an inclusive team building event. 


1 hour

Similar to the beer tasting, this event is great for chocolate lovers. Each participant receives a package of four artisan chocolate bars that are hand crafted from all over the country. Participants learn about how to make chocolate and what makes each flavor unique. 

1-30 participants

1 hour

Conversations are a great way for your team to get to know one another, so this game centers around facilitating great conversations. This game utilizes breakout rooms for a more interactive experience among smaller groups of your participants. Each group receives a fun icebreaker question to get the conversation started.

The goal is to share, laugh, and have fun while getting to know one another. Convers(ate) planners recommend completing a 20-minute planning call in advance of the group activity to learn more about your team and goals. This helps customize the experience to your group dynamic. 

5-15 participants

2 hours

The ‘You don’t know my life’ game is a great way to dig deeper and learn fun facts about participants. Each person submits a story, and everyone guesses who the story belongs to. Participants watch along via Zoom and participate by submitting answers on their phones. 

A question example is, “What was your first concert, and what made it special for you?” Everyone submit answers and they get scrambled up. A single answer is shown while participants guess. The host may ask the person to answer additional questions about their concert experience to narrow down guesses.

This continues on until the team reviews and guesses every scenario. The person who guessed the most correct answers is deemed the winner of the game. Depending on how long each round takes, there are multiple question and answer periods during a round.

Even though this is for smaller groups, a larger team can utilize this game and create smaller breakout sessions so everyone can participate. Each round the breakout groups can scramble, giving everyone a chance to get to know more people from their team or organization. 

Questions are rated similar to movies – G, PG, and PG-13. Depending on your group dynamic, you may choose more challenging and risqué questions or want to keep it safe for work, so there are no awkward moments. It’s completely up to you!

Work hard and play harder. When your team is smiling and having fun, they’re more productive. When they get to know each other on a deeper level, they’re more collaborative. Here are some additional benefits of team building games:

When your team has to work together to think outside of the box, their collaboration translates back into the workplace once a game is over. 

Communication and collaboration are key to everyone on your team working together efficiently. When your team practices working toward a common goal, they feel excited about helping each other out along the way.

There’s no way around it, work can become boring in even the funnest workplaces. Goals need to be met, and tasks need to be completed. Team building events offer a break from the monotony to have fun and break down barriers. 

Fun team building events show your team that you care about them. When you invest in your employees’ well-being, they are more loyal to the mission of your organization. 

Want to learn more about your employees’ strengths? Team building is a great place to start. When your teams work together as a group, it’s easy to see the leaders rise to the top and help everyone succeed at a common goal.

In-person meetings and conferences for large groups often pose challenges for getting to know other participants in a short period of time. With more organizations and events moving to the virtual space, there are even more challenges without the opportunity to be face-to-face.

Virtual games offer a unique opportunity for teams to connect despite their distance from one another. We recommend utilizing virtual team building events regularly to maximize your team’s collaboration. 

Plan events monthly or quarterly, depending on your team’s size and budget. Establish an online discussion board where everyone can brag about their status as champion from the last event and pitch in ideas for what to do next. 

If you’re planning a conference or orientation, incorporate several games into a small period of time so teams can get to know one another quickly. Virtual connection games also offer a fun element to what may otherwise be a boring or tedious project. 

Originally published at Nov 4 2021, 11:56:30 AM. Updated on Sep 30 2022.

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