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Top 8 Virtual Wine Tasting Ideas

Veronica Brundle - Mar 23 2022, 12:33:14 PM

A wine tasting experience can be a great way to explore new vintages and connect with your friends, family or coworkers.  These events are great whether you're trying to put together a fun event with friends and family at home, or for coworkers to bond coworkers. It is difficut to get everyone together if your friends, family or coworkers are located all over the country.  Enter a virtual wine tasting. With these virtual experiences, you can enjoy the tastes of wine and connect with your team members, all from the comfort of your home.

If you’re an employer, a virtual wine tasting is a fun and interactive way to show your team members you appreciate all their hard work and want them to relax and unwind after a long day. Not only that, but it can also positively impact employees’ experience with your company. In fact, according to LinkedIn, 77% of companies focus on employee experiences to increase retention. If you’re ready to take the employee experience to the next level through virtual events, Elevent is here to give you all the recommendations you need to be successful.

Here we walk through 10 of our favorite virtual wine tasting events to improve the experience for your employees and foster new connections in the workplace.

Bind Wine and Cheese Tasting

Lengthy wine lists and curated cheese selections may seem intimidating, but they won't be after one of our tastings! Guided by our Chef and Sommelier, you will get to know the essential grape varieties as you sample and compare a selection of excellent wines. Next we'll discover the different varieties of different cheeses. Taste by taste, you will learn how aging and different cheese making techniques can greatly effect the flavor and texture of each cheese.

Wine & Gourmet Chips Pairing

Send wine tasting kits to guests across the US and join together for a private hosted virtual wine tasting! Our classic 5-wine lineup includes perfectly portioned 2oz mini bottles of a white, rose, & three red wines combined with our several specialty chips containing a sampling of five chips to complement each wine, complete with jam and crackers. This event is hosted by a live on-staff sommelier.

A family-owned and operated business, Susan along with husband and winemaker Russell Hearn and their two daughters Shelby and Kylie have brought their dream to life to share their love of wine! We find that the sensory experience of enjoying wine collectively over Zoom helps to "break the Zoom barrier". During this hour-long Virtual Tasting we will lead you through a guided wine tasting highlighting the winemaking process, fundamentals of wine, and best practices of wine tasting! We provide an informative, relaxed, fun environment to taste and explore the world of wine! Our goal has always been to source excellent fruit from the regions in New York where each variety grows best resulting in vibrant, balanced, and approachable wines for all to enjoy. Long Island is one of America’s most diverse wine-growing regions, producing exciting, high-quality wines. A cool weather maritime climate, the region produces wine with moderate alcohol, intense aromatics, and crisp acidity.

person paintingLooking for an exciting virtual event that allows your team members to channel their inner artists? Say hello to Paint & Sip. This is the best way to unwind, relax, create a masterpiece, and, perhaps best of all, drink wine! Every member of your team will receive a bottle of award-winning Washington wine, snacks, and all the art supplies they need to create a masterpiece.

For those with a sweeter palate, our Sunset and Sangria virtual experience is the perfect way to put their creative skills to the test while sipping something equally refreshing.  Paint & Sip can host 15 to 100 guests and costs $210 per person.  Click here to learn more about this event. 

Box with wineBring the wine shop to your team members’ homes. Each member of your team will get a flight of three wines, and a sommelier will lead the team through the process of tasting wine progressively. Together, you’ll discuss the regions, production methods, and anything else that comes up organically. This is the perfect outlet for your team to ask all their burning wine-related questions.  Taste Wine Progressively can host 10 to 500 guests for $130 per person plus a flat rate of $100.  Click here to learn more about this event. 

video conference on computer with Belden BarnsThis is the virtual wine tasting of a lifetime that every wine lover would enjoy. A Belden Barn’s virtual gathering provides an easy and unforgettable experience. Each member of your team will receive two bottles of Belden Barn’s wines while discussing the nature and character of the wine with the winemaker himself, Nate Belden. We recommend surprising your team with this experience as an employee recognition event or an end-of-quarter celebration.  Wine Tasting with Belden Barns can host 8 to 500 guests for $120 per person.  Click here to learn more about this event. 

Make your next corporate happy hour worth tweeting about with a decanter wine tasting. Your team will get to experience everything from how to taste and talk about wine, food and wine pairings, and wine chemistry. By the end, everyone will know more than they ever expected about the true art of wine. This virtual experience can accommodate up to 1,000 team members and lasts an hour.  Decanter Wine Tasting can host 5 to 1,000 guests for $185 per person.  Click here to learn more about this event. 

Combine the wine and chocolate with some rhythmic Brazilian music and interactive games, and you’re sure to have a light-hearted, fun, and memorable experience!  Everyone to hand roll and infuse their own specialty chocolate truffle treats all while sampling wine from California-based, Lucid & Voluptuary Wines.  Wine and chocolate are amazing on their own but when paired together, they can create magical flavor combinations!  Wine and Chocolate Truffle Pairing can host 2 to 100 guests for $144 per person  plus a flat fee of $250.  Click here to learn more about this event. 

It’s easier than you think to plan and schedule a high-quality virtual wine tasting experience for your team members. As you start to look for an option that accommodates your entire team, we have something to match everyone's interests and palates.

The best part is Elevent handles everything for you. All you need to do is choose the virtual event that’s right for your employees. 

Originally published at Mar 23 2022, 12:33:14 PM. Updated on Apr 21 2023.

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Sommelier Wine Tasting Experience

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Vine Voyage

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Welcome to the Passport Collection, a pourable postcard of our favorite wines from Italy and France.

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Wine Tasting with a Sonoma Winery

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Virtual Wine Tasting & Chocolate Pairing

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Virtual Happy Hour

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Wine Tasting Class | Taste 3 Wines

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Design your own tasting features wines from a family-owned winery

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The Durand Wine Tasting

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Red Wine Tasting with New York Winery

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Taste red wine varieties grown on a family-owned vineyard in Long Island

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