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Virtual Client Engagement and Why It’s Important

Jan 21 2023, 9:37:31 AM

Your clients are arguably the most important contributor to your company's overall success. However, you can't just assume they will continue to count on your company for your products and services every year. 

To see success and retain your clients, you need to nurture these relationships. Check-ins, thank-you notes, and planning special client events are just a few things you can do to help you sustain and maintain positive relationships with your clients

We're here to walk you through how you can leverage events to improve virtual client engagement. 

Here's everything you need to know:

Why you Should Plan Client Engagement Events

Client engagement events are interactive experiences that keep your brand top of mind and show your high-paying customers that you care about their business. These activities allow your customers to connect and engage with your team on a deeper level. 

Put yourself in your customer's shoes. If a company you do business with were to invite you to a special invite-only client engagement event, how would it make you feel? Would you continue to do business with them? Would you feel appreciated and valued as a customer? These small actions can leave an impact and will help you maintain your competitive edge and retain your top customers. 

How to plan Virtual Client Events 

Now, the real fun begins! If you're ready to take on the challenge of planning virtual client events, there are a few things you'll want to consider to ensure you have the best turnout. 

Here's what you'll need:

Pick a Date 

Since you'll be inviting individuals outside your organization, you'll want to be mindful of their workweek and busy schedules. The beginning of the week can be challenging. Many clients are taking on 1:1 meetings and planning for the week ahead. Thursdays and Fridays are typically safer dates to choose. For the best turnout, consider choosing a time near the end of the day between 3-5 pm. 

Send out Invites 

You'll need to decide if you plan on only inviting top-paying customers, potential prospects or opening the invite to your entire clientele. Once you decide how many invites you plan to send, you'll have a better idea of the headcount. This is important if you send out boxes, gift cards, or other items essential to the experience. 

Choose an Event

You know your clients better than anyone. Are they creatives that would appreciate a paint party? Do you think they would like to relax and unwind with a wine-tasting experience? Maybe, you're looking for a crowd favorite, like chocolate tasting, to ensure everyone will enjoy the fun. 

Align With Your Goals 

Virtual client events are a worthwhile investment that will help you retain, maintain, and sustain customer relationships. When planning your next event, you'll want to consider your goals and what you hope to get from the event. 

Want to familiarize your clients with your team? Consider inviting your employees to join so your clients can grow their connection with their account manager or customer service rep. Want to build on the company-client relationship? Plan virtual events with breakout sessions so your clients can have intimate, 1:1 time with your team. 

Have Fun! 

Virtual events are fun, interactive experiences for you and your clients! Have fun with the experience and use it as an opportunity to strengthen the relationships you have with your customers. 

Our Top Three Virtual Client Engagement Events 

We aren't going to beat around the bush, if you want to have a successful event, there's a ton of planning involved. From sending out invites and kit contents to hosting the experience: there's a lot you need to consider before taking on the task. 

One of the challenges of planning virtual client engagement experiences is not having the time to successfully plan an engagement event while juggling your day-to-day activities. 

At Elevent, we specialize in planning meaningful client events that are preplanned and ready to go. All you need to do is pick a date and send out the invites: We'll handle everything else. 

Here are our top three choices:

Cheese and Wine Tasting 

I think we can all agree: Cheese and wine are crowd favorites. With this tasting experience, your clients will grow their understanding of delicious foods and decadent wines. The presenter will guide your clients through the experience, answers questions, and helps individuals fully immerse themselves in the mouth watering tastes. Each participant will receive a kit full of everything they need, shipped directly to their door.

Chocolate Candy Making

Looking for a hands-on experience your clients will never forget? We have the experience for you. With this chocolate candy-making class, your clients will learn how to properly temper chocolate and make five different types of chocolate candies. This experience is an hour long and can accommodate up to 500 participants. 

Whiskey Mixology Class

What better way to celebrate the relationship you have with your clients than with a hands-on whiskey mixology class? In this virtual client event, participants will learn how to make the perfect cocktail from the comfort of their homes. We'll ship them a kit filled with whiskey, strawberry syrup, amaro, and everything they need to succeed. At the end of the experience, your team will have time to engage with clients and connect with them in a relaxed setting. 

Plan Your Next Virtual Client Engagement Experience With Elevent 

If you want to ensure your clients keep coming back to you for your products and services, you need to start doing more to stand out from the rest of your competition. With the right virtual client events, you can keep your clients satisfied and engaged with your business while maintaining the competitive edge you need to retain your clientele. 

At Elevent, we want to help you plan successful events you and your clients can enjoy. All of our experiences are preplanned and ready to go. Once you find a date and send out the invites, we'll handle all the nitty gritty details, so you don't have to. 

Ready to plan your next client engagement activities? Explore our selection of events today to get started.

Originally published at Jan 21 2023, 9:37:31 AM. Updated on Apr 4 2023.

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