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Virtual Cheese Tastings

Virtual Cheese Tastings for your team and company

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Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(9)

Gourmet Charcuterie Board Experience

$130 / person 15-1500 people 60 min

Receive a gourmet selection of meats, cheeses, and accouterments, and join us for an exclusive experience.

Virtual Instant book Charcuterie
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(8)

Cheese & Charcuterie Board Class

$150 / person 6-500 people 60 min

Learn how to make a charcuterie board step by step with charcuterie kits delivered doorstep!

Virtual Charcuterie
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(38)

Virtual Cheese Tasting

$125 / person 10-500 people 60 min

Taste artisan cheese under the guidance of one of our cheese experts

Virtual Cheese Tastings
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(22)

Curated Craft Beer & Cheese Happy Hour

$115 / person 5-500 people 60 min

Enjoy brews from the best new brewers and fantastic snacks

Virtual Beer Tastings
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(18)

Around the World Cheese Tasting

$150 / person 8-100 people 60 min

Four cheeses from four countries paired perfectly with four accoutrements

Virtual Cheese Tastings
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(11)

Cheese and Wine Tasting Event

$200 + $140 / person 6-400 people 75 min

Learn about cheese and wine in a fun interactive event!

Virtual Cheese Tastings
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(10)

A Classic Wine & Cheese Tasting

$171 / person 12-500 people 60 min

Experience cheese from around the world and delicious wine from Sonoma

Virtual Wine Tastings

BYO Wine & Cheese Tasting

$35 / person 12-1000 people 75 min

Bring your preferred wines and cheeses to the table with a sommelier

Virtual Instant book Wine Tastings

Guided Happy Hour with Wine & Pairings - Canada

$275 / person 10-1000 people 90 min

Explore a collection of unique wines with cheese and charcuterie led by a wine-expert host

Virtual Instant book Food & Drink Tastings

Curd Nerds: A Blind Cheese Tasting Game

$75 / person 4-400 people 60 min

Learn to taste cheese from various regions and decide what you like

Virtual Cheese Tastings

Cork Dorks & Curd Nerds: Blind Wine and Cheese Tasting Game

$125 / person 4-400 people 90 min

Combine our "Cork Dorks and Curd Nerd Experiences for this unique 90 minute cheese and wine tasting experience

Virtual Wine Tastings

Virtual Cheese Tasting

Explore the milky, buttery, and tangy tastes of cheese with our pre-planned virtual cheese-tasting experiences. Whether your team is cheese-obsessed or ready to try something new: All of our virtual events are ready and planned just for you. These virtual tastings are great for employee appreciation, happy hours, team building, and holiday parties. Start exploring today to find the perfect cheese-tasting for your team.


What Are the Team Benefits of a Cheese Tasting Virtual Event?


Facilitates Authentic Communication 

A virtual tasting experience invites your team to connect and communicate. Exploring new flavors and talking through different tastes is a great way to bond and inspire team building in the workplace.


Brings People Together 

Food brings people together. With a cheese-tasting virtual event, your team will have an opportunity to learn something new, expand their taste palette, and explore expert food pairings. Throughout the cheese-tasting, they'll learn more about the people they work with every day and build stronger connections with their coworkers.


Keeps Employees Engaged 

Virtual tasting events are great for keeping your remote and hybrid team engaged and entertained. No matter the occasion, the tasting will allow your team to take a break from the chaos of the work week to get to know their team better.


What to Consider When Booking a Cheese Tasting Virtual Event


Duration of the Activity

Most of our best virtual cheese-tasting events are 60 to 90 minutes long. This ensures your team has time to engage with their coworkers and taste and learn about the cheese.



All of our pricing is per person. The pricing includes the hosted session, the cheese-tasting kits, and the shipping and handling. The best part is we have a wide variety of options that fit every budget!


Group Size

Whether you're looking to book for a small, intimate group or you want to do a company-wide celebration: We have a virtual cheese-tasting that can accommodate every size between 5 to 1000 participants.


How Do Virtual Cheese Tastings Work?


Meet the Host

The host will meet with your team on Zoom or a different video conferencing platform of your choice. They'll give everyone a run down of how the experience works and go over the content in their kits. 


Taste the Cheese

Once your team opens their kits, their mouths will start watering! So they'll need to jump right into tasting the cheese and exploring the flavors. Every virtual event is different. Some include wine, food pairings, and education sessions. 


Connect With Your Team

Throughout the experience, the host will encourage your team to participate and engage with their coworkers. They'll be inspired to connect with their team on something that isn't work-related. 


Book the Best Virtual Cheese Tasting with Elevent


Ready to treat your team to an extraordinary cheese-tasting experience? You’ve come to the right place. 


At Elevent, all our cheese-tasting virtual experiences are pre-planned and ready for you to book. All you need to do is find the perfect date on your company calendar. We'll handle everything else from there. 


Contact us today for guidance or suggestions. 

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