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10 Best Team Building Cooking Classes

Veronica Brundle - Jul 21 2022, 1:32:00 PM

cooking carrots and other veggies

Do you have a team of foodies always sharing their favorite recipes throughout the work week? Or maybe, you have a Slack or Teams channel dedicated to cooking and sharing dishes with one another in their spare time. If this sounds like your team, it may be a sign you need to plan a cooking class experience for them for your next team-building activity.

Team building cooking classes are a great hands-on activity your business can leverage to engage with your employees on a deeper level. These entertaining experiences provide opportunities to foster connections between team members and allow them to connect with one another about something that isn’t work-related.

Your team can discuss what went wrong, what went great, and how good everything tastes! These cooking classes will give them something to talk about for the upcoming weeks, so you can rest assured that everyone is engaging and connecting over their shared love for food.

Not only that, but who doesn't love a home-cooked meal? I know we do!

Here's how you can get started with a few of our top cooking classes.

Drunken noodle is a classic dish made with wide rice noodles. It has the authentic Thai taste we all know and love, with the perfect amount of heat. This drunken spaghetti online cooking class is like the real deal, just made with spaghetti. For this virtual cooking class, your team members will learn how to utilize the resources they have in their kitchen to craft a close-to-perfect Thai dish. This one-hour class can accommodate groups of up to 1000 participants and will provide a memorable experience for everyone.

This virtual class combines the best of both worlds: Boba and popcorn chicken! If you didn’t know: These two are the perfect pairing. The salty crunch of the chicken expertly complements the sweet flavor of boba milk tea. Every kit contains everything your team needs to create boba tea and popcorn chicken on their own. It’s an entertaining virtual cooking class that’s perfect for happy hours or monthly team-building exercises.

A trendy twist on a breakfast classic. This virtual cooking class will walk your team members through everything they need to know how to craft delicious banana or chocolate chip pancakes and fried chicken thighs. Together, they’ll experience the unreal taste of the combination and learn a new skill or two they can use in the kitchen.

A good ol’ fashioned deli sandwich with an incredible taste. This Reuben kit contains your choice of flavor, fresh baked Jewish rye bread, Russian dressing, and everything else your team members will need to craft the perfect sandwich. At the end of the experience, they can all sit back and connect with their team while dining on their deliciously made Reubens.

This sushi rolling class is a hassle-free experience that helps your guests learn how to roll sushi from the comfort of their homes. Everyone will receive everything they need to be successful, delivered straight to their door. From the bamboo rolling mat to the seaweed paper sheets: You won’t need to worry about anything! At the end of the experience, your team will bond over sushi and have an experience they can cherish together.

Have a team full of sweet tooths? We have the perfect experience for you. The cupcake decorating experience challenges your team to get creative and channel their inner artist. Together they’ll learn all the tricks of the trade and get to take on pro-style piping techniques. At the end of the team-building cooking class, you can have a contest for the best-decorated cupcake. This experience can accommodate up to 150 team members and is one hour long.

This team-building cooking class is a fun, interactive spin on pizza luncheons. With an authentic handmade pizza experience, your team members will get to master making and shaping the perfect pizza. They’ll make the dough, add toppings, and pop it into the oven all on their own! In the end, they can enjoy the delicious pizza, talk about their day, and bond with team members they don’t always have an opportunity to connect with!

Want to teach your team how to spice up their dishes? Try out this Mexican hot sauce-making class. They’ll learn all the tips and tricks about Mexican chili peppers and enjoy a hands-on experience with their coworkers. This team-building cooking class can accommodate up to 100 individuals and is one hour long. At the end of the experience, everyone can say they can craft the perfect hot sauce for their friends and family.

During this hour-long virtual cooking class, your team will learn how to make, fill, and wrap their own dumplings. A live instructor will show them how to prep the ingredients, make dumpling wrappers from scratch and cook their dumplings to perfection! Afterward, you can segway into a happy hour with the team or ask them a few team-building ice breakers. The best part? The recipe makes two servings, so they’ll have a delicious homemade dish to share with friends and family afterward!

Pad thai is a delicious Thai dish that’s easy and fun to make at home. The interactive online cooking class provides a hands-on experience for your team members. Before the team-building cooking class, everyone will receive a detailed list of ingredients they’ll need to be successful. You can easily send your team a gift card for the items or provide them with a care package full of the ingredients.

On the day of the team-building cooking class, everyone will work directly with the host in real-time and be able to ask any and all questions. After the experience, you can encourage everyone to stay on later or break into small groups so they can connect with one another and share their experience.

Cooking is a great activity that puts your team members' problem solving skills to the test and helps them hone in on their communication skills with one another. Even if it’s virtual, cooking classes can still be a hands-on experience your team can benefit from.

At Elevent, we have a wide variety of cooking classes that can accommodate different groups and teams. Whether you want to sit back, relax and decorate sugar cookies after a long workday, or want to make handmade pasta with an Italian chef, we have you covered.

 With the right team-building cooking class, you can encourage authentic connections between team members and provide them with an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their coworkers. If you’re ready to plan your next interactive virtual experience, look through our collection of cooking classes today.

Originally published at Jul 21 2022, 1:32:00 PM. Updated on Sep 7 2022.

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