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Fun Virtual Celebrations For Employees

Veronica Brundle - Aug 24 2022, 7:44:32 PM

When it comes to a workplace full of passionate employees, there’s always a reason to celebrate! Celebrations are an integral part of a positive workplace environment. They generate loyalty and help team members feel appreciated for everything they do.

Planning virtual celebrations for your employees is a great way to encourage your team to bond with one another and inspire them to connect on a deeper level. Whether your team just hit a major milestone or looking for a way to get the team together during the festive seasons: There’s always something you can do for your team to show them you care and recognize their achievements with virtual employee celebration ideas.

Here’s how to celebrate your team virtually with Elevent:

After a long day or week, there’s nothing better than an ice cold drink! Virtual happy hours are a great way to encourage your team to unwind, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. All you need to do is add a time to your team’s calendar, send them a gift card to buy their favorite drinks, and let the good times begin! If you’re looking for a more structured experience, you can consider one of our preplanned virtual happy hours. These will ensure everything gets what they need, delivered directly to their doorstep.

We recommend our Happy Hour at Home: Gougeres & Margaritas. It’s an unreal experience, with savory pastries and delicious margarita - what more could you ask for from a celebration?

Have you ever gone to a bar and wanted to figure out how you can make those drinks from the comfort of your home? It may be a sign to schedule a hands-on cocktail-making class! These ideas for virtual employee appreciation encourage them to step outside their comfort zone and put their cocktail-making skills to the test. They’ll have an opportunity to connect with their coworkers while learning how to expertly mix cocktails to perfect.

Our Dealer’s Choice Mixology Class is a top-rated virtual celebration experience full of fun, learning, and delicious sips. Together, your team will learn how to make three delicious cocktails while bonding with their team after a long day at work.

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? We know some of your employees will! A well-planned trivia night will put their knowledge to the test and encourage them to think critically in a team setting. They’ll share laughs, and good times while making long-lasting memories with their team members.

Our TV Game Showdown has all of the bells and whistles a virtual trivia experience needs. Your team will compete in teams of 5-8 and compete in three rounds of mini-games. Which team takes home the win, you can provide them with a gift card or a small gift to make the experience more exciting!

A murder mystery night is one of the most well-planned virtual employee appreciation games you can plan. It's full of exciting twists and turns at every corner, keeping your employees at the edge of their seats. Your team will need to analyze clues and solve puzzles if they want to figure out who the murderer is.

Our Murder! At the Manor is the perfect virtual celebration idea for small intimate groups. Together, your team will need to question the suspects, read into the clues and look at the evidence to figure out the method, motive, and murderer.

It’s not often your team gets an opportunity to make their very own candles from start to finish! A candle-making virtual celebration for employees is an innovative way to celebrate your team and provide them with an experience they wouldn’t necessarily plan on their own.

Our Artisanal Soy Candle Making provides your team with everything they need to create two candles from the comfort of their home. The hour-long event can accommodate up to 100 participants and provides a relaxing setting where your team can socialize and connect after a long work day.

Sometimes, all your team wants to do is relax after a long day. What better way to do that than with painting virtual experiences? If you have a creative team that doesn’t get to utilize their creative skills all the time, this is an innovative activity that allows your team to channel their inner artist and explore their creative side.

Our Paint & Sip virtual celebration idea invites your team to create a beautiful masterpiece while sipping on their favorite drink. Everyone will receive everything they need to create their own abstract painting and wine to enjoy. At the end of the experience, you can celebrate the beautiful art they create and allow your team to connect with one another on something outside of work.

Escape rooms provide a fun and interactive team bonding experience that’s different from the regular work week. They encourage your team to work together to get through the escape room and challenge them to think critically about the clues, riddles, and the challenge.

The Diamond Maze Experience is a top-rated escape game full of puzzles, games, and excitement. The event is hosted, so you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly, and you can join in on the celebration, too!

Teach your team a new skill with a hands-on cooking class. These are great experiences they won’t get anywhere else. Your team will cook a delicious meal or tasty treats from the comfort of their homes. With a cooking class, you all can explore different tastes and learn how to make a delicious dish.

Instead of putting pizza in the break room and calling it a celebration, consider a Handmade Pizza with a Real Pizzaiolo. Your team will have an opportunity to cook their own individual pizza and learn the tricks of the trade, so they can do it on their own in the future.

A comedy show is a fun and playful way to celebrate your team’s accomplishments and share a laugh with your coworkers. It provides your team a virtual time to connect with their coworkers while enjoying the show. Our Sit Back & Laugh comedy show features renowned comedians that are great at stand-up comedy, juggling, jokes, and more.

Who doesn’t love a cold brew? I know we do! Celebrate your employees' hard work with a beer tasting experience they can enjoy from the comfort of their homes. Together, your team can bond over the hoppy flavors, explore the delicious tastes, and experience beer on a new level.

With our Curated Craft Beer & Happy Hour, each team member will receive a kit with three different beers, cheese, and chocolate. Throughout the hour-long experience, they’ll experience the delicious tastes in a fun and interactive format. 

Virtual celebrations for employees are a great way to show your employees you care and appreciate everything they do. Scheduling regular celebrations for holidays, milestones, or quarterly engagement events, will keep company morale high and your employees happy.

At Elevent, we make it easy to find, plan, and book exciting ideas for virtual team celebrations. We want to help you improve the workplace experience for your employees and provide value to their workweek by celebrating them whenever you can.

For more information or help booking your next event, contact us today.

Originally published at Aug 24 2022, 7:44:32 PM. Updated on Sep 27 2022.

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