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How to Play Virtual Survey Says

Jon Conelias - Apr 3 2023, 5:18:13 PM

Survey Says is a game show classic we all know and love. You probably enjoyed watching the show on TV with your friends and family and even tried to play along with the show from the comfort of your couch.

 Here are our most popular virtual survey says games you can play online with friends, family or coworkers:

Our Survey Says

Survey Says LogoWith a quick witted and highly entertaining host, alongside an abundance of game show features; you can be sure of an event to remember with Our Survey Says! Our game shows are highly interactive and are designed to get your colleagues working together as a team. Alongside the fact they are fantastic fun! Specifically designed so no individual is in the spotlight, they really do encourage team effort.

Survey Says can host a group up to 1,000 guest for $30 per person.  Click here to learn more about this event. 

The Feud

In this classic Family Feud game show, we’re going to find out if you and your team can win in a series of competitions and be crowned champion! To win, you’ll need to guess the most popular answers to a series of questions ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Great ready to perform and we will see you on stage....

The Feud can host a group up to 100 guests for $35 per person.  Click here to learn more about this event.   

The Family Feud

In this competition, teams will go head-to-head to come up with the most popular answers from a fun set of survey questions. Just like on the popular TV show, a survey question might be, "At what age do you start to feel general body aches?”.  Teams would respond with the answer they think is the most common, such as “30” or “40”.

The Family Feud can host a group up to 20 guests for $399 per group.  Click here to learn more about this event. 


How to play Survey Says at home

If you would like to create your own survey says game at home here are some tips and instructions to make your own version:

1) Create questions and answers

To make Survey Says feel like the real thing you will need great survey questions.  Before the game you will need to prepare the questions for your game.  You can find a website that has the questions already prepared.  You can also send out your own survey to your group.  Once you have all the responses you will need to organizer the answers to run the game smoothly

2) Game board  

To organize everyone virtually you will need to send our a video link to display your game board.  Most people are familar with zoom.  Once everyone is on, share your screen so everyone can access your game board.  You can create your own game board or find a virtual version. 

3) Create teams

If you know the game participants beforehand, it is usually a good idea to divide everyone up into teams before the game starts.  Otherwise, you can divide all of the participants once they join the video call.  You could do this department vs. department or some other breakdown.  

4) Playing the game!

Ready for the fun?  The host will ask a question and the play who buzzes in first gets to answer.  If they guess the higher answer they get to decide if they want to play or pass.  The point of the game is to guess the response with the highest points.  One team guesses at a time and gains points for their team.  If they guess incorrectly three times then it is the other teams chance.  There is a time limit of 25 seconds.  

The other team has one opportunity to steal their points with one answer. If they can't guess the correct word, the original team keeps their points. The rounds continue until all of the answers have been guessed.

A great addition to the game is to have a real buzzer for when there are wrong answers.  It adds to the fun!

5) Give the winners a prize

Adding a prize to the winners will increase the competition and raise the stakes.  A gift card, day off, happy hour or lunch are all great prizes.

Book Your Next Survey Says Event with Elevent

Planning your own virtual Survey Says takes a lot of effort and planning.  At Elevent, we have a few pre-planned options where we take care of everything for you. All you need to do is let your team members know, pick a date on the calendar, and have some game show fun with everyone!  


Originally published at Apr 3 2023, 5:18:13 PM. Updated on Apr 4 2023.

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