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The Best Virtual Paint Night Events for Corporate Teams

Veronica Brundle - Apr 6 2022, 11:38:54 AM

As a business leader, you’ve probably spent a good amount of time looking for fun and innovative ways to connect with your team members. Sure, you can browse the internet for virtual experiences that fit your team members’ needs and interests, but have you ever considered a virtual paint night?

A favorite among team members and business leaders alike, a virtual paint night allows you to connect on a deeper level and helps channel inner artists.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider planning one today.

What is a paint night?

Paint nights are exactly what they sound like: a night of painting! During this experience, you’ll typically all paint a similar photo, engage with one another, and maybe sip on a drink at the same time.

These are great events for corporate teams because they break up the autonomy of the everyday workday. Team members will be able to connect, laugh, and enjoy themselves, and they’ll develop a more profound connection with each other that will help them achieve more during the workweek.

Not only that, but research suggests engaging in art activities can improve your mental health and provide individuals with a confidence boost. This is all to say paint parties can be a great engagement tool you can use to promote a stress-free work environment.

If you aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help.

Here are 15 of our favorite paint night events for corporate teams.

Paint & Sip

This is our classic go-to virtual paint night experience that includes drinks. Every team member will receive a bottle of wine, snacks, and all the art supplies they need to paint. What more could you ask for? The art lesson is technical-based, which means they have the freedom to make it their creation. This paint night experience can accommodate up to 100 team members and is 90 minutes long.

Paint Your Pet

Do you have a Slack channel called “furry friends” at work? That may be a sign you need to schedule a paint-your-pet virtual paint night. For this experience, everyone will receive a pre-sketch of their furry friend so they can paint them with their coworkers. Don’t worry, if everyone on your team doesn’t have a pet, they can choose to paint their favorite in the Slack channel or a photo of their childhood pets. What’s great about this experience is they all get to leave with a hand-painted photo they can cherish for years to come.

Impressionist Painting Night

Want to put their creative skills to the test? Schedule our Impressionist Painting Night virtual experience. Everyone will get a chance to try to paint a famous impressionist painting with their team members. Everything they need to get started will be mailed directly to them, and a host will walk them through the experience from start to finish. Who knows, there may be a true artist among you, and you don’t even know it!

Virtual Card Making

There is nothing better than a card hand-painted by someone you love. Provide your team members with an experience to learn how to make beautiful hand-painted cards they can share with their friends and family. Each member of your team who wants to participate will receive everything they need to get started so you never need to worry about any planning.

Pro tip: Align this event with an upcoming holiday so they can put their hand-painted cards to use!

Fluid Art Painting Class & Emerald City Kit

Plan a hands-on painting experience you won’t get anywhere else. For this experience, you’ll need to use your hands, straws, and several other iconic tools to master the look of fluid art. A host will lead your team through the steps, and they will receive the supplies they need to create their masterpiece at home.

Paint Night & Chocolate Journey

This experience combines the best of both worlds: paint and chocolate. As your team members indulge in the decadent tastes of chocolate, they’ll also get to paint a gorgeous painting they can keep afterward.

Paint Party with Deluxe Kit

Explore your creative side with professional artist supplies. Your team members will receive the supplies they need to paint the chosen painting from their homes. At the end of the event, everyone will go around the circle and show off their creations to the rest of the team members. Encourage your team to bring their favorite drink and snacks so you can all socialize afterward.

Floral Tattoo Painting Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw like a tattoo artist? You’ve come to the right place. For this paint night event, everyone on your team will learn how to paint a traditional tattoo design. We’ll warn you now: This one can be challenging for first-timers. However, it’s a rewarding experience to watch your team members challenge themselves. This experience is an hour long and can accommodate up to 1,000 team members.

Fluid Art Painting Class & Ocean Kit

This is another exciting fluid art painting class. For this paint party, your team members will be painting an abstract fluid painting of the ocean. At the end of the experience, they’ll get to leave with something they can hang up on their wall or gift to a friend.

Flawlessly Draw Your Own Picture

Looking for something that’s not as messy as painting? How about a drawing experience! Everyone will learn how to use the Cupixel app to turn photos into a work of art. Once the experience is over, you’ll have six cards to share with your friends, family, or favorite coworkers.

Pastel Painting, Tea, and Chocolate Experience

Explore your creative side while you sip tea and taste chocolate. This virtual paint night experience has everything you need to keep the creative juices flowing. Before you jump into the painting, there will be a 20- to 30-minute chocolate and tea tasting. Then, the host will guide your team through a step-by-step presentation on how to paint a pastel painting.

Watercolor Painting Party

This two-hour virtual paint night event provides a calming atmosphere so your team can explore new talents and their creative side. Everyone will receive all the art supplies to be successful so you can join in on the fun and don’t need to worry about the planning. An instructor will guide them through the experience and gain the confidence to create a breathtaking work of art.

Virtual Paint Party

This virtual paint night event has everything you need to throw the best virtual experience for your corporate team. As a professional artist walks everyone through step by step, your team members will get to socialize and bond outside of work. In the end, they can all show off their creations, grab a drink, and connect with their coworkers.

Paint Party with Basic Kit

If you’ve never planned a virtual paint night, you can’t go wrong with this experience. Simply put, your team members will get to paint, mix, and mingle. A talented host will walk you through everything you need to know and is there to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Coral Creations: An Environmental Art Event

Paint an underwater coral world with a renowned environmental artist. Your team members will learn how to paint a simple coral reef painting and get a lesson on their unique ecosystems and the artist’s artistic exploration of them. This is a great experience to plan if you're celebrating your employees’ accomplishments and want to do something special for them.

If you think a virtual paint night experience is a good choice for your team, it’s time to choose the best experience for you. Paint parties are a great experience for celebrating employees and improving engagement in the workplace. You’ll be surprised at how easily your team members can connect when their creative juices start flowing.

Before you start to plan a painting experience on your own, we highly encourage you to consider one of our preplanned virtual paint night experiences. These are ready to go, organized, and curated for your group so you can join in on the fun or sit back and relax, knowing everything is taken care of for you.

Originally published at Apr 6 2022, 11:38:54 AM. Updated on Sep 29 2022.

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