Virtual Pasta Making Class for Your Next Fun Event

Virtual Pasta Making Class

Unique online pasta making classes for your next event.

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Virtual Pasta Making Class

There is nothing better than enjoying a plate of homemade pasta with your coworkers! At Elevent, we have some of the best online pasta making classes you can find online. If you're ready to cook up something delicious with your team, explore our wide variety of options today.


What are the Team Benefits of a Pasta Making Virtual Class?

Food Brings People Together

If your company struggles with keeping your team connected: Book a virtual cooking class for them to enjoy. A home-cooked meal is a perfect way to bring your team together to bond and strengthen their connection.

Interactive Team Building Experience

Tired of those same ol' zoom happy hours or traditional team bonding moments? Look no further. Cooking classes are an interactive way to bring people together. They invite your team to step out of their comfort zone and take on a challenge in a group setting. 

Enhanced Cooking Skills

 A pasta making class virtual experience is a perfect way to encourage your team to step out of their comfort zone and familiarize themselves with the kitchen. Together, they'll step into the shoes of a chef and have fun cooking a delicious dish.  


What to Consider When Booking a Pasta Making Class Online?

Group Size 

Most of our virtual pasta making classes can accommodate everything from 6 to 500 individuals. When you book with Elevent, you don't need to worry about planning an interactive experience for a larger group. We handle everything, so you can join the cooking class, too!

The Pasta Dish

Whether you're looking to keep things simple with the Cacio e Pepe dish or you want to challenge your team with a ravioli workshop: We have what you need. When looking for a pasta making virtual cooking class, consider the difficulty level of the experience and ensure your team is up for the challenge.

The Occasion 

An online pasta making class is a perfect experience for employee team bonding, appreciation events, holidays, and alcohol-free virtual happy hours. When booking with Elevent, always consider your goals. Most of our experiences are 60 to 90 minutes long and have moments set aside for your team to bond and connect over their delicious dish.


How Does an Online Pasta Making Class Work?

Meet the Chef

The host will meet your team over Zoom or another video conferencing platform. They will explain what's inside the kit and how the experience will work. This is an excellent time for your team members to ask any questions.

Make Some Pasta!

Now, the real fun begins! Your team will get to learn how to make a delicious bowl of pasta from the comfort of their home. They'll learn tricks and techniques from the chef and leave the experience with new cooking skills.

Enjoy, Socialize, and Bond

Throughout the pasta making virtual experience, your team will bond and socialize. They'll share the challenges they faced and their favorite parts of the cooking class while enjoying a delicious bowl of homemade pasta with their team!


Book a Pasta Making Virtual Experience With Elevent

If you're looking for a hands-on experience your entire team will enjoy, you've come to the right place. With our pasta making virtual classes, you'll encourage your team to build authentic connections while exploring their creative side in the kitchen.


Book a pasta-making experience today!

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