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Fun Virtual Team Building Games

Average rating: 4.7 Number of ratings:(182)

The Mafia 360

$29 / person 10-350 people 75 min

This game contains bootleggers, feds, & high-rank politicians mixed in a strong cocktail of fun

Virtual Instant book Escape Games
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(45)

Beat The Bomb: Game Pack A

$26.50 / person 4-60 people 60 min

Play through 3 immersive online games as you try to BEAT THE BOMB!

Virtual Games
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(148)

Unlocked For Teams: Chasing Hahn

$30 / person 10-1500 people 90 min

A fully digital escape game designed for large groups

Virtual Escape Games
Average rating: 4.5 Number of ratings:(13)

Unlocked for Teams: The Silk Road

$30 / person 10-150 people 60 min

Hahn, the art thief, is back on the run and you’re hot on his trail

Virtual Escape Games
Average rating: 4.7 Number of ratings:(256)

Murder! At the Manor (Small Group)

$449 / group 1-20 people 60 min

A classic British murder mystery

Virtual Instant book Murder Mysteries
Average rating: 4.6 Number of ratings:(19)

Murder By Team Building

$48 / person 25-600 people 75 min

A virtual murder-mystery game for teams

Virtual Murder Mysteries
Average rating: 4.7 Number of ratings:(344)

Escape the Forest

$25 / person 8-200 people 60 min

As you and your friends set off deep into the woods, terror creeps in

Virtual Escape Games
Average rating: 4.9 Number of ratings:(30)

Live Action Escape Game

$33 / person 2-30 people 90 min

Inspired by gamer fan favorite films, this experience takes virtual games to the next level

Virtual Escape Games
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(59)

Prison Break Escape Room Game: Can You Escape Your Cell?

$32 / person 4-10 people 60 min

Can you escape from prison before your sentence goes from bad to worse?

Virtual Escape Games
Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings:(134)

The Heist: There’s an Art to Crime

$32 / person 4-10 people 60 min

Can you outsmart a museum curator to rescue a stolen masterpiece?

Virtual Escape Games
Average rating: 4.7 Number of ratings:(341)

The Diamond Maze Experience

$25 / person 8-200 people 60 min

The ultimate test of teamwork and wit, are you game?

Virtual Escape Games

Elevent Spotlight

Murder By Team Building

A virtual murder-mystery game for teams

1 hour 15 minute virtual event
25 - 600 people
$48 / person

I thought this was one of the most entertaining and fun things I have done at Chase in 10 years. I want to learn how to do it with my own team.

— Joe, Chase

Make Something Together

Best seller
Average rating: 4.7 Number of ratings:(19)

Learn to Twist Authentic Soft Filled Pretzels

$35 / person 12-1000 people 90 min

Master this iconic treat you'll up-level with fillings and dip!

Virtual Instant book Baking
Average rating: 4.9 Number of ratings:(146)

Paint Party with Kit

$59 / person 10-500 people 90 min

It's time to mix, mingle, and paint! At this virtual painting party, we will connect with one another, have fun, and explore our creative sides

Virtual Instant book Paint Parties
Average rating: 4.9 Number of ratings:(80)

Create A Desktop Garden

$65 / person 25-1000 people 60 min

Create a custom desktop garden brimming with dramatic stimuli

Virtual Plants & Gardening
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(19)

Team Pottery Party

$90 / person 8-200 people 60 min

This hands-on art form has been shown to help ease anxiety and improve mindfulness

Virtual Instant book Crafts
Average rating: 4.5 Number of ratings:(38)

Modern Tie Dye

$72 / person 10-50 people 60 min

Get inspired to make wearable art with a fresh modern take on tie dye

Virtual Crafts
Average rating: 4.9 Number of ratings:(46)

Award Winning Tiramisu & Funny Italian Gestures

$40 / person 10-50 people 60 min

Learn how to make your best tiramisu ever and some classic Italian gestures

Virtual Baking
Average rating: 5.0 Number of ratings:(2)

Boba Milk Tea and Popcorn Chicken

$80 / person 10-200 people 75 min

Soft and chewy: there's a reason Boba is so popular all over the world! Together with the crispy-crunchy popcorn chicken, a perfect pairing!

Virtual Cooking
Average rating: 4.1 Number of ratings:(13)

Dumpling Making Class

$112 / person 10-200 people 60 min

Enjoy everything you need to make jiaozi style dumplings and sauce with a professional chef

Virtual Asian Cuisine

Elevent Spotlight

Create A Desktop Garden

Create a custom desktop garden brimming with dramatic stimuli

1 hour virtual event
25 - 1000 people
$65 / person
Includes kit

Best KPMG event I've attended

I think this is one of the best KPMG event I’ve attended, instead of large socializing event, smaller group provides more opportunities to really interact with people and get to know each other.

— Karena, KPMG

Virtual Team Building Events

Whether you have a hybrid or a remote workforce, you can always benefit from virtual team building activities. These experiences are designed to foster connections in the workplace and help your team collaborate more effectively. Whether you’re looking to plan a cooking class or want to play a get-to-know team game, you’ve come to the right place. 


What Are The Team Benefits Of Virtual Team Building Events?

Fosters Authentic Connections

No matter the activity you plan for your team, you’ll provide them with an opportunity to connect on something that’s not work-related. This will help improve their connection and help them learn more about each other.

Improves Company Culture 

With team building virtual events, you have a unique opportunity to create a fun and thriving workplace culture. If your team enjoys where they work, you are more likely to improve your retention rate and increase productivity levels.

Keeps Your Employees Engaged

An engaged workforce is the key to a thriving workplace. If your team feels engaged and connected, they’ll log into work ready to take on the day and anything that comes their way.


What to Consider When Booking Virtual Games for Teams

Duration of Activity 

Our experiences range from 30 to 120 minutes. When planning your team building virtual events, we recommend you consider your overarching goal and needs. Planning a quarterly event? Consider an hour-long activity. Want to add some fun to your onboarding process for new hires? 30 minutes might be the sweet spot!

Cost and Group Size

Whether you have a team of 5 or 1,000: We have an event that can accommodate your needs! If you have a larger group and you’re worried about organizing, keep in mind we handle all of the preparations for you.

Type of Experience 

We have a variety of team building events to choose from. If you want to build connections between two different departments or have a team full of new faces, consider our team-based experiences. If you're looking for a source of entertainment, consider a virtual escape room.


How do Team Building Virtual Events Work?

Meet the Host 

The host will meet your team on the chosen virtual conferencing platform. They'll talk through the rules, set the scene, and start with icebreakers before diving into the team building virtual event.

Break Into Groups

Next, your team will be broken into groups and sent to breakout rooms. Together, they'll take on challenges, mini-games, and clues as a team. They'll need to communicate and collaborate if they want to take home the win.

Have Some Fun!

Now the real fun begins. Throughout the virtual team building event, they'll connect, laugh, and engage from start to finish. In the end, the host will announce the winner, and your team can stay on the video conferencing to talk through the experience.


Book a Exciting Virtual Team Building Event with Elevent 

Whether it's an escape room or a paint party: Your team will have the best time taking a step back from the chaos of the workweek and feeling like part of a team.


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